TuNa - the Top 100 Binance NFT Creator to Join Bunicorn Core Team

TuNa will be putting his unique fantasy artworks on Bunicorn Marketplace and join Bunicorn Team to imagine Phase 3’s brand new game.

Holding to the vision to create an all-in-one ecosystem for Bunicorn users, we now team up with TuNa on releasing his artworks on Bunicorn NFT Marketplace and appoints him the Art Director of Bunicorn’s brand new game coming at the end of this year.

TuNa is an excellent artist in the blood. He sets new norms by adding his own fantasies inside his artworks, which captures the heart of many collectors across the world. On top of that, his works rarely stand alone without meaning but form an irreplicable majestic dimension in a series of arts. This forte has made people even more desired to own many of his works.

Some of TuNa artworks

Some of TuNa artworks

Explore more of his exceptional arts at ArtStation - Tu Na

Little does he reveal about his identity besides his real name - Tu Anh Nguyen, TuNa stands out as the Top 100 Binance NFT Creator. He is also recognized for his brilliant talent in his homeland Vietnam as the artist has published his #Hanoipunk and #Saigonpunk series, which perfectly blends the rustic charm of the two cities with fantasy steampunk elements.

“I have met a lot of talented people all around the world, but there is noone would be owning such unique creativity and in-depth sense of dimensional art like TuNa. For my own admiration of his talent and his proven ability as an NFT creator, we have invited him to join Bunicorn on this trailblazing journey as the Art Director for our new game at the end of 2021. With TuNa’s extraordinary talent, I believe this second game of Bunicorn universe would be no less eye-catching than any traditional game out there.” stated Phuc Nguyen, Bunicorn’s CEO.

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