Token Play x Bunicorn AMA Recap

On September 7, 2021, Richard Tran, CEO of Token Play, joined an AMA with Bunicorn to provide the community with various fundamental information about the project and shared his view on blockchain adoption within the gaming industry.

The AMA consisted of three main segments, including:

  • Segment 1 (~10 mins) - Introduction: Guest to answer host’s questions about their background, about the project, and the project’s advantages to other alternatives
  • Segment 2 (~15 mins) - Twitter Questions: Guest to answer five questions from community (Twitter)
  • Segment 3 (~15 mins) - the live Quiz from our guest


1. What is your role at Token Play? Can you tell us a bit more about your background?

I’m Richard, Founder & CEO of Tokenplay. I founded Tokenplay in 2018 and build it up today. Our background in technology, I have more than 8 years for working with other technology like AI, Big data, and now is blockchain. I’m very excited about blockchain technology and that’s why I want to bring to user news project Tokenplay.

2. Can you briefly describe what is Token Play? is The 1st NFT & Gaming platform built on multi-chain, we develop on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Our vision is to make Tokenplay is the biggest NFT&Gaming platform in the blockchain industry. With Token Play, users can access and play to earn so many games and free for trading any NFT gaming you want.

3. What are the advantages of Token Play to other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

We have a lot of advantages for users. The first is we are a blockchain gaming platform. So that’s mean we have a lot of blockchain games on our platform. A lot of types of games like RPG, MOBA, Casual, Minigame… User can access to and play whatever you want.

Secondly, we have an NFT marketplace, we can connect a lot of NFT games with so many games in the blockchain industry. you can buy and sell whatever NFT you want of a lot of games like Axie Infinity, Faraland, or Buni NFT, etc.


1. Why gaming industry need blockchain? What are the main advantages of using Blockchain technology in gaming platforms? What advanced activities does Token Play want to create?

Server malfunction due to technical issues, System infiltration by hackers, Game shut down, Undeserved ban of accounts, Lack of transparency regarding game mechanics and rates, Manipulation of the game economy by developers and administrators, In other words, the power is in the hands of the games companies.

But fortunately, blockchain technology is able to eliminate or mitigate most of these problems. Our main idea is to take away the power from the gaming companies and give it back to the players. This way, each player can have full control over their accounts and digital assets, and they are free to trade these assets anytime. There are many different methods of developing and maintaining a blockchain game.

Tokenplay 's vision is to become a hub of the gaming blockchain industry, so we want to bring to users a good experience of play games and earn money from games you play. this way will help users have fun when play and get a lot of money from these game

2. Crypto people say that the next boom will be on NFT after the Defi, Do you agree with this? And what are the plans of "Token Play " to build on the NFT concept/Technology? Any future ideas about NFT?

Yes, I agree 100% about that, Defi is the base to grow the NFT trend in long term. that’s why people said “gamefi”. In the early stage, Tokenplay will focus on building a platform for gaming and NFT. we have just done NFT marketplace (, build on multichain (BSC and Polygon) right now. The next time, we will focus on build games and make value for Tokenplay token (TOP), by a lot of games will use TOP to be the main currency in-game.

After IDO, we will have a lot of work must to do. we have a plan to release a new Slither game (a casual game I think it’s very easy to play and earn). After that, we have the plan to collaborate with Estudio to make an RPG game (Hero Arena), please wait for this so hot game. Covid I think doesn’t affect us because we work online a lot. So we are trying to complete the roadmap in 2021. Next year we will have a plan to get listed on a lot of exchanges and try to list on Binance too.

3. Token Play currently resides in the BSC and Polygon network. But, do you have plans to expand to other networks like Solana, Polkadot, etc? The integration of a bridge in different chains is very useful for investors and their assets in terms of cost reduction in the rat.

Yes, we have, maybe in next year Q3/2022, we will migrate to Ethereum or Solana for attracting these communities.

4. In your opinion, should traditional companies apply blockchain? How can traditional companies be integrated into the blockchain, so what are your plans for traditional companies that continue to exist with their own systems?

I think traditional companies can easy to access the blockchain. And in our vision of Tokenplay, we can help traditional company migrate their game to blockchain and attract users from the blockchain community. The traditional company can focus on logic games and gameplay, Tokenplay will help them fix and migrate on the blockchain. That’s a win-win collaboration.

5. Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success, Most projects have programs that interact with their users, Do you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

Yeah, in the near time, we will have a referral program for every user. They can create a referral link to get more money and token reward from their friends and user. Besides that, we will expand to another community area in ASEAN and KOREA, TURKEY. We will make this program to get more users.

About Token Play

Tokenplay is an NFT, a web game that helps game publishers reach more users. Tokenplay promises to create an ecosystem with a variety of games. In particular, Tokenplay points, game fees are converted into TOP coins and are valuable so users can sell them on the web.

Mining, staking, voting and NFT are the top functions of Tokenplay, promising to bring the best token playing experience to users.

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