The Wasted Lands x Bunicorn AMA Recap


1. What is your role at The Wasted Lands? How do you join this team?

I’ve been working as a Partnership Manager of The Wasted Lands. I used to work as a marketer/KOL affiliate for a game company, namely VNG before joining The Wasted Lands team. The reason why I join The Wasted Lands team is cos my previous colleague was co-founder of the project. And the more important thing is I do see the potential of gamefi as well as the project so I decided to join the team.

2. Please introduce your project to the Bunicorn community. What makes your product stand out from the NFT Game world?

FYI, The Wasted Lands is a match-3-RPG game with a post-apocalyptic theme. Players’ main mission is to discover the secret of the biological pandemic.

In order to do that, you will have to gather your team, fight against others, explore the world and collect pieces of evidence.

For match-3 gameplay, you may think of Candy crush or Bejeweled as an example. We hope this classic gameplay would attract mass users as it is really familiar and easy to play.

I’d like to share with y’all about my core team - the backbone of the project too!! We have 3 big teams in total: game production, blockchain team, and marketing team.

On the game production aspect, before starting everything together, our team worked separately at Gameloft, Gear Inc, IEC, Hiker, VTC, Amanotes, and Zitga. We’ve been involved in many great projects, such as Asphalt 9, Minion Rush, Dungeon Hunter 5, Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Summoners Era,… as Game Designer Lead, Tech Lead, Art Lead, and Marketing Lead.

Our blockchain team consists of 5 core full stacks developers with 4 years of in developing defi, smart contracts, and blockchain core. The team is led by an experienced Product Manager who has 4 years of building fintech products, 2 years of experience in building disruptive blockchain innovations, an enthusiast contributor on different blockchains such as Wax, Incognito, EOS.

For the Growth team, we have 12 members, including 1 growth director, 1 marketing director, and 10 members across functions. With a strong focus on the community, we have 3 dedicated members to support our community members"

3. What are the latest achievements has the project gained so far? And what is the future plan for The Wasted Lands?

So far, the project has been received huge support with many awesome backers and communities, such as Good Games Guild; as well as the famous public partnership with BigCoin, Kangaroo Capital, X21, Lavender Capital, VBC Ventures, Panda Capital

Our community on social media platforms reached a big number of followers; such as Twiter with 75k.

About the future plan in 2022, we are targeting Tier 3 countries, especially those that are familiar with NFT games to get a good start with our user base. Local community managers will be needed. Let us know if you’re interested in this.

In the middle of 2022, we will expand the market to Tier 2 and Tier 1 countries.

On the audience segmentation side, we will focus on growing our early adopters as investors, play-to-earn players. Then, we will expand and convert gamers to join.

It would not be easy, but we will have to try, at least with all the insights we have in traditional games and blockchain.


1. The Wasted Lands proposes a perfect combination of Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn models in which everyone can enjoy the game while creating value and makes the Play-to-Earn model live up to its name by minimizing the need for a high upfront cost. But how accessible is The Wasted Lands, tell us what exactly does a user need to get started in the game and make a profit?

"We realized that high entry cost is the main problem of most NFT games. So The Wasted Lands is an ideal game for user who just wantna PLAY FOR FUN by our Free-to-play mechanism and Renting feature.

Free-to-play mechanism:

The Wasted Lands gives out free non-NFT warriors for all players at the beginning of the game to join freely

These free warriors are default to all players. Thanks to this, free players can enjoy the game and gain tokens while playing in PvE campaign mode. All token earning from default warriors will be locked and players can only withdraw these token if they have at least 1 NFT warrior.

For users who own NFT warriors, they can freely trade and access all the game functions.


Owners of NFTs can put their unused assets for rent to generate better income.

“Renting with collateral” and “Renting without collateral”.

Please take a glimpse at our whitepaper (slide 11th) for more details: The Wasted Lands

2. The gap between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers is still huge. How can “Wasted Lands” bridge this to attract more traditional players to try new blockchain-based games? What’s your plan to expand the adoption of your project to traditional gamers?

Yes, I do see a big gap between non-crypto and crypto users. As I said before, the main principle of The Wasted Lands would be the balance between Fun & Earn. Unlike most other NFT games, you won’t find the big earning purpose in The Wasted Lands. We focus more on building a game that players enjoy as we did with traditional games. Earnings will be there but it’s minor.

Likewise, players would totally enjoy the game like others. We would gradually educate them on how to earn in-game. Please keep in mind that the Earning factor in our game would not be high, especially in long term. We are aiming at a game that provides real entertainment.

So, FUN would come first, and it would be our only principle in this.

Needless to say, a fun and well-balanced game is what people want to play. Take a look at the billion-dollar market of traditional games, you will understand what I’m trying to say. Even you guys were at least once wanted to play or buy a game just because it’s fun, right?

Therefore, a good game attracts a great number of users, and the more players you have, the more valuable your project is.

3. I see that The Wasted Lands will have a dual token system: $WAl and $WAS, could you give us more details on how these tokens will complement each other in your ecosystem? What is the function of each one?

For your information, our first IDO and INO sales would be launched on 5 platforms on Dec 12nd at 7pm GMT+7. 1. website The Wasted Lands, 2., 3. Metaverse Starter, 4. Oxbull, 5. Infinite Launch. Please stay tuned and follow up not to miss anything.





Basically, $WAL is the main governance token of The Wasted Lands. What’s for:

  • Use to Buy/rent NFT assets.

  • Use to fuse & give birth to the next generation of NFTs warriors.

  • Staking.

  • Pay services fee on the marketplace

  • Governance

  • Buy exclusive merchandise & auction for NFT game assets.

Besides, $WAS is the main utility token and can be earned by playing the game through PvE mode.

Usages of $WAS:

  • PvE and PvP rewards

  • Burn to Upgrade higher level NFTs items (types of equipment, lands, pets…) from in-game resources.

  • Burn to level-up Tier & Membership

  • Burn to speed up research & production in-game.

4. Can you tell us some of the latest achievements made by the #TheWastedLands? Can you describe in detail the current development efforts, such as market expansion plans, expected applications & new upcoming programs of events?

As one of the Growth team members, I do see the project has been growing up every single day. That’s our significant achievement. We have more than 60k followers on Telegram and 30k members on Discord although the project has not launched yet.

Otherwise, right now, the game is supported by many awesome backers and communities, such as Good Games Guild. We also had a public announcement partnership with BigCoin, Kangaroo Capital, X21, Lavender Capital, VBC Ventures, Panda Capital, and many more will be announced on our social communities.

For long-term marketing plans, we have a solid go-to-market strategy and free-to-play system to make sure new users, new investments come.

And we’ll do all that globally, starting with Tier 3 countries such as South East Asia, Latin America. Then we will expand to other countries as the game grows.

I’m so excited to tease you guys about upcoming plans!!

On Dec 2021, you guys can register whitelist INO to own your warrior on Dec 12nd. There will have 9000 boxes in the first NFT sales. The first IDO will be coming on Dec 20th on Infinite Launch. For the first INO, we launch on 5 platforms: 1. The Wasted Lands, 2.; 3. Mateverse Starter; 4. Oxbull; 5. Infinite Launch. Please join Infinte Launch platform not to miss the IDO of the project.

The project will be launched on big exchanges on Dec 23rd. Please stay tuned, it will be a massive surprise for everyone!!

5. As I know, strong backing and partnerships in the crypto market might bring huge benefits to new projects. During this point, can you tell us about the investors and partners of your project? What benefits to the "Wasted Lands’ ecosystem do you expect from them?

Marketing is important, no matter what product you’re doing. NFT games wouldn’t be an exception.

I understand that a good product is not enough to make a Hit game.

That’s why we have a Growth and Marketing team of 12, and we are recruiting more collaborators and community managers, especially the locals.

As I have told before, the game is supported by many awesome backers and communities, and big public partnerships with BigCoin, Kangaroo Capital, X21, Lavender Capital, VBC Ventures, Panda Capital. We would expand to many markets like Japan, Turkey, Korea, ASEAN,…

On the audience segmentation side, we will focus on growing our early adopters as investors, play-to-earn players. Then, we will expand and convert gamers to join.

It would not be easy, but we will have to try, at least with all the insights we have in traditional games and blockchain.


:fire:The Wasted Lands is a true Puzzle-RPG-Strategy game where players immerse themselves in a world of adventure across the post apocalyptic world and have the most extraordinary gaming experiences.

Players can create their unique Warriors NFT, choose one of three team of faction: Hybrids, Survivors, Ex-company and enjoy a vast metaverse world with many excited functions like vehicles & shelter system, fuse & give birth to new NFTs, match-3 gameplay, pets, lands & various equipments upgrade

:gem: Visit the following websites to learn more about The Wasted Lands:

Website | Telegram | Discord | Pitch Deck | Trailer| Demo gameplay | Beta gameplay APK