The New “Ancient Buni” NFT Farm is Coming

Gear up, BUNIans! The New “Ancient Buni” NFT Farm is Coming

Dear community,

We really appreciate BUNIans’ unprecedented support throughout the last three weeks of July. And for your reminder, the NFT Farm to get Bunicorn egg and chest will officially be over at 2 PM on August 27, 2021. Unlock your in-game items from harvested NFT tokens on 31st Aug, 2021 when the Bunicorn Game is officially live.

But we are not leaving you bored for so long, guys. Get ready to welcome our new NFT Farm with the rewards of unique NFTs from the Ancient Buni Collection.

Pretty much the same rules apply for this farm, so all you have to do is focusing on farming instead of going through another entirely different set of requirements. Let’s check them out now!

1. Ancient Buni NFT Farm Opening Time:

  • Opening time: 2PM August 27, 2021 (UTC)
  • Reward Activated: 3PM August 27, 2021 (UTC)
  • Ending time: Unlimited

2. Exchange

Join NFT farms on our DEX at

3. Pools

The Ancient Buni NFT Farm will open 13 pools as same as the previous NFT farm, including:

4. Reward

Users can get respective NFT tokens based on the amount of earned BUNI users accumulated through staking, as in the “Ancient Buni Farm Rewards” photo below. For example, if your estimated BUNI reward during your farming period is 1200 BUNI, you will receive Rocbuni as NFT token reward.

:pushpin: NOTE: The Bunicorn Logo NFT Token has no in-game or on-chain value or is eligible for staking. It only serves the purpose of locking rewards till harvesting day.

5. NFT Staking Pool

Users use their harvested Ancient Buni NFT tokens as Aegirbuni, Rocbuni, Beezlebuni and Fornbuni to stake in our upcoming NFT Staking Pools to get a part of the game revenue as a reward.

Details regarding the NFT Staking Pools will be released shortly. Kindly wait for the official announcement from our side.

6. FAQ

a. When can I harvest NFT rewards? And what should I do with them?
You can harvest their NFT any time to their preference.
With harvested NFT tokens as Aegirbuni, Rocbuni, Beezlebuni and Fornbuni, you can stake them to our upcoming NFT Staking Pools to receive a portion of the game revenue as a reward.

b. What value does the NFT token hold?
Each harvested NFT token will have a value of $BUNI vested inside.

c. When can I claim the $BUNI out of the NFT?
You can claim $BUNI out of the harvested NFT any time to your preference. However,

  • Once you claim BUNI out of the harvested NFT token, that NFT will be burned immediately. You’ll no longer be able to use that NFT to stake into our upcoming NFT Staking Pool anymore.
  • The 30-day vesting period is counted from the day you HARVEST NFT tokens, not the day you stake.

:pushpin: NOTE: Treasury is a fund that only the Governance can unlock in the future.

d. What will happen if I unstake LPs from these pools?

If you decide to unstake LPs (even partially), the current NFT will be harvested IMMEDIATELY. Your $BUNI rewards will start counting again with the remaining LPs in this pool.

If you have any questions regarding the Ancient Buni NFT Farming program, kindly drop us a quick message on the Bunicorn Global Telegram Chat.

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