To prepare for the upcoming Raid Boss, there are some notes for players to dive in and assemble your fighting squad effectively.

:small_orange_diamond: Requirements:

  • 1 ticket for 1 wallet address to attend the event. This ticket cannot be transferred to another address and be used for 3-day event.

  • Each address requires a minimum squad: 1 Trainer level 11 or higher + 3 Bunicorns (any star)

:small_orange_diamond: How to join the Boss fight:

  • The boss battle is no different from normal battle, except for the battle formation: each fight requires a minimum of 1 trainer at least level 11 and 3 bunicorn regardless of the number of stars.

  • In the boss battle, 1 Trainer and 3 Bunicorns use Event Stamina like Normal Battle: Each Trainer fights up to 7 battles/day, 1 account fights up to 28 battles/day; Each Bunicorn consumes Bunicorn Event Stamina like Normal Battle (5-star bunicorn consumes 1 point/match, 1-star bunicorn consumes 5 points/match)

:small_orange_diamond: Rewards:

  • Your reward will be calculated according to the % of damage your squad has on the Boss

  • Reward will be paid after the event ends.

:small_orange_diamond: Other Notes:

  • There are 6 bosses and 2 super bosses appear per day, so players should allocate the number of battles to reach their personal goals.

For example, divide 28 fights equally among 8 Bosses or focus on fighting only 2 Super Bosses.

  • Because the raidboss squad is different from the normal one, players need to pay more attention to the Bunicorn Event STA if you want to participate in up to 28 fights a day during the event.

For example,

The squad includes: 1 Trainer (min. lvl 11) + 1 Bunicorn 5 + 1 Bunicorn 3* + 1 Bunicorn 2*. In the first 4 battles, Bunicorn 1* will run out of Event STA (due to consuming 5 STA/fight) and be not able to participate, there are 2 cases:*

- You have another Bunicorn: replace the bunicorn with no STA with a new one having enough STA then continue fighting

- You do not have another Bunicorn: wait for your bunicorn to recover its STA to continue participating; or buy a new one on the market/hunt more to continue playing in case you donโ€™t want to wait.

:muscle::muscle::muscle: Good luck, Bunians!

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