PvP Arena Opening Announcement

After the successful release of the PvP Challenge, we are now completing the Bunicorn Game’s PvP mode with the PvP Arena. It is the extended version of the PvP Challenge, where players can use their Bunicorn and Trainer to battle and compete for the top ranks on the leaderboard.

Details about this update are specified as follows.


This update will be released at 3:45 PM Dec 24, 2021 (UTC). Besides the current features of the PvP Challenge, there will be the following new features added.

Pair & Tier

Each 1 pair includes 1 Trainer and 1 Bunicorn. The tier of a pair is determined by the level of Trainers and the star of Bunicorn, such as:


  • To join PvP battle, each user needs to register their team, each team has a maximum of 4 pairs at the same tier
  • Each Trainer/Bunicorn cannot be in 2 pairs at the same time
  • Each pair cannot be in 2 teams at the same time
  • If the user sells or burns Trainer/Bunicorn, the related team will be dissolved
  • Each player can form multiple teams in different tiers, but only a maximum of 1 team per tier.


  • We use the ELO to rank the teams. When joining the PvP Arena, a team will gain an Initial ELO, which is determined by the level of Trainer and the total stars of the Bunicorn.

  • The formula to calculate ELO can be found HERE. The index K=32 and will be applied for all teams. This calculation is subject to change in alignment with the game economy in the future.
  • Players can have multiple PvP fights per day. After one fight, they’ll need to wait for at least 15 minutes to start another PvP fight.
  • To start a PvP fight, a player will pick 1 pair in his team to fight with a pair in another team below or above 10 ranks in the same tier.
  • The selected team and pair of the opponent are determined randomly. Thus, if a team has 4 pairs in 4 elements, it would be difficult to have elemental advantages for the one who starts the fight.

Ranking PVP Modes

  • All users are free to join the daily PvP. However, it is possible to join it with some BUR for those who are confident with his army and strategies and want to earn some extra money through random PvP fights.
  • If you fight with a free player, only the battle result, ELO, and ranking are recorded.
  • If you fight with another player that both of you decided to use BUR, you can earn a fixed amount of BUR per victory, and a commission is paid to the Arena. The BUR for each paid fight is 1000. The winner will take 850 BUR while 150 BUR will be transferred to the reward pool for the Arena owner.


The system will update the ranking in 0:00-1:00 UTC every day. PVP will be disabled during this period.

Arena Trophy

  • There will be a special Trophy for each tier called Arena Trophy that will be awarded to the top 1 PvP players daily.
  • After one day, all fees from direct challenges or paid fights from all Arenas in Buniland will be collected. The collected fees will be given to the owner of the Arena Trophies.
  • Higher tier Arena will receive higher rewards. The rewards will be calculated as follows.

Tier Reward = SUM(All Tiers’ Revenue) * Tier’s Initial ELO / SUM(All Tiers’ Initial ELO)


This version will be released at 3:45 PM Jan 14, 2022 (UTC). Users can directly challenge a team and get both teams’ ranks & ELO swapped.

Duel Challenge

  • One user can pay some fee to challenge a team ranked higher than him directly. If he wins, the ELO and rank will be swapped.
  • Each player can only challenge 1 time per hour.
  • The fee of duel challenges will be the revenue of the Arena.


  • We will start working on other types of PvP such as fighting PvP as a team/guild or directly challenging someone and bet for the result as below:
    • User A submits a challenge request to user B with some basic pair information and an amount of BUR.
    • User B rejects or accepts the challenge with the same amount of BUR.
    • When both A & B are ready without knowing the full team formation of the opponent, the fight starts. Some BUR comes to the winner, the rest go to the Arena.

If you have any questions regarding the PvP Arena, kindly contact our admins on the Bunicorn Official Discord.

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