Monsterra x Bunicorn AMA Recap - Feb 17 2022


  1. Though you have been here twice :smiley: please introduce yourself to any who is new here.

I’m Iris - CMO of Monsterra game project. Having a 5-year solid track record in the strategic Marketing Plan as well as 1 year of hands-on experience in the blockchain game industry, I would like to make a significant contribution to building an innovative Monsterra game with an active gamer community in order to rebuild the community trust in Vietnamese Blockchain Game.

  1. Could you briefly tell us about Monsterra? It has been almost 2 months since our last AMA. Any latest achievements you want to share with us today?

Monsterra is a dual-chain game run on both BSC and Terra networks inspired by the Axie Infinity game’s pet world and the gameplay in Clash of Clan or Boom Beach of Supercell. The game set foot in a fictional world and revolves around farming, property building, and battling other lands with the magical creatures named Mongen. The design of Monsterra combines the free-to-play and free-to-earn model, which allows millions of gaming enthusiasts fun and profit with no initial investment

3 words that best describe our project are Dual-chain, Free to play to earn and Play for fun.

2 months has passed and we have gained lots of achievements to share with communities indeed.

  • Monsterra had a successful Mystery Box sales on Binance NFT on 7 Feb. 20.000 Treasury boxes were sold-out within 10s

  • We enjoyed a massive social media growth with 70k followers on Twitter, 60k members in Telegram group chat and 50k members in Discord group.

  • Monsterra internal testnet was also released for the very first tries for biggest fans

  • Monsterra team has also forged partnerships with top leading VCs: IceTea Labs, GameFi, TerraVerse, Shima Capital, Salad, Kyros Ventures, RedKite, Bunicorn and many marketing partners as listed on our website. Other than that, we have built a strong KOLs network to best support the project with nearly 100 global and local KOLs for different market ranging from Asia to Europe (Hosted by Monsterra Team & Icetea Labs)

  1. What are the next steps you guys are planning to grow Monsterra stronger & faster?

The upcoming time is considered crucial for our Monsterra game growth with many golden events to be released. We have been prepared from now with a full-time marketing team, global network and connections with KOLs and press, integration partners to best support the project.

We have also boosted up the connection and discussion with big game guilds introduced by our VCs Partners to build a profound community before the official game launch.

Below is the updated timeline for important milestones of the Monsterra game.

  • Special NFT Trading Promotion Campaign on Binance NFT from Feb 16 to Feb 25

  • INO on GameFi and Metaverse Starter on 22 Feb

  • Public testnet for the large community at the end of February

  • IDO in March (expected) and game launching right after that.

Do not forget to mark your calendar and wait for the official announcement from our team. Stay tuned, BUNIans!


  1. Most NFTs games currently suffer low player base due to expensive initial cost for a new player to take part in the game. How does @Monsterra_P2E is attracting large group of players? Can you talk some of its which make it different from other?

In Monsterra, players can choose to use free assets or buy items on the Marketplace depending on their personal financial situation. When playing with free items, players can still experience all the features of the game. Yet, it will be even more fascinating for gamers with financial investment in NFTs assets. It is for this reason, we can with confidence that Monsterra offers an equal opportunity to make a profit to all users.

Gamers using free assets or having a small amount of capital will need to spend more time and effort to farm, build an empire with wealthy properties, and Mongens while gamers spending a bigger financial investment in NFTs items can shorten the time to build a defense empire and generate profits faster when there are battles and events.

However, whether is a small or big investment, gamers must set up their own wise strategy to maximize the profit generated. Monsterra offers plenty of interesting daily quests for free and low-capital players to be able to engage in. Everyone can entertain and earn as much as they can.

  1. Currently, a lot of games attract users on the premise of making money. It usually lacks gameplay and storytelling. What kind of gaming experience will your game bring to us?

Actually, we combine both of these. Monsterra design is the combination of 3 models: Play-for-Fun, Play-to-Earn and Free-to-Earn. We offer an addictive playground with not only a high-profit stream but also an innovative gamer experience.

Diving into Monsterra game, players will be able to enjoy addictive gameplay with:

  • Unprecedented Breeding Mechanism: Players can create new animals with different figures by breeding 2 random entities of in-game creatures. Each Mongen will have its own parent with a different gene. Mongen squads, therefore, will be unique collectibles with infinite diversity.

  • Unique Land Shaping and Customization Mechanics: Gamers can customize their own lands to create different shapes. This elevates the individuality and uniqueness in each player’s land.

  • Varied Land Theme: In Monsterra, it is easy to modify land themes according to different seasons (Merry Christmas, Halloween, etc). The brand identities of Monsteras’ partners (investors, marketing partners, etc) can also be embedded in the land plots

  • Innovative Token & NFT Staking: Players will gain enticing rewards and shared revenue from the staking activities in Monsterra. On top of that, the tokens and NFTs assets that are already added in the staking pools can still be utilized in the in-game activities. Players can also enjoy a lower or no gas fee if they utilize those tokens or NFTs in in-game activities.

More details can be found in Whitepaper of Monsterra at: :+1:

  1. Inflation is a True Villain. So in order to Control it many projects have CoinBurn & Buyback Systems. Do you also have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems to keep inflation in check & attract Investors to invest?

Monsterra game is governed and supported by 2 different tokens MSTR & MAG with MSTR is the primary token with a total supply of 100M tokens.

We do develop a Smart Token Burning Mechanism to maintain the token supply and burning amount with a design of various tokens utilities and NFTs fusion sets (for both Mongens and lands). Our tokens will be used across all the products and services of the ecosystem.

Below are some key usecases for MSTR token for your reference:

  • MSTR for staking: Stake MSTR to receive rewards from the game.

  • MSTR for asset purchasing: To buy premium assets on the marketplace, users need to spend their MSTR.

  • MSTR for upgrade: To reform in-game items in some high-level milestones, users need to do an upgrade which will cost MSTS.

  • MSTR for event participation: To join any in-game events, users need to use their MSTR to buy entry tickets.

How can users earn MSTR tokens?

MSTR can be obtained in the form of staking rewards, in-game event prizes, or from the shared revenue from Monsterra Treasury.

We also create a variety utilities for the second token MAG. Users can use this token to: Breed & evolve Mongens, Reduce waiting time in the game, Pay the fee for Arena battles & Buy extra energy.

How can users earn MAG tokens?

MAG can be obtained in the form of completing PvE quests, winning PvP battles, voting in DAO & joining events.

By applying a diverse token utilities set, we can create an effective anti-inflation mechanisms that help guarantee sustainable growth in the long run.

  1. Monstera is a dual-chain game run on both BSC and Terra networks. Why did your team choose these 2 chains to develop the game?

It is no doubt that BSC is currently the most popular network with a large community and the competitive advantage of cheaper fees compared to other chains. Thus, Monsterra chose to develop our game on BSC first to easily create an effective approach for the free-to-play model and elevate the gaming experience. Other than that, most of the existing top game series are being deployed on BSC, therefore, running Monsterra on the BSC platform can minimize the unprecedented risks for users when the game launches.

Regarding the Terra network, it is considered one of the top trending chains for now with different and novel mechanisms. In particular, Terra is also oriented to be a launchpad for GameFi to form the Metaverse ecosystem. Thus, going with Terra is a promising move to the project’s growth. In addition, as we are supported by TerraVerse and Terra Foundation, Monsterra has the potential to be one of the pioneering NFT Games on Terra. We are all excited to see what is coming in the upcoming time, guys.

  1. Could you provide some details about #Monsterra roadmap and target in this 2022 year? According to your project’s roadmap, what are your most important next priorities?

Currently, Monsterra is strictly following the proposed Roadmap. All information about the upcoming can be followed at:

:globe_with_meridians: Website:

:globe_with_meridians: Twitter:

:speech_balloon: Telegram: Telegram: Contact @monsterragame_chat

:speech_balloon: Vietnam chat: Telegram: Contact @monsterra_vietnam"

After a successful NFTs Mystery Box sale on Binance NFT, our internal Game Testnet has also been out for the very first try. We now are running 2 exciting events for the large community:

  • Special NFTs Box Trading Campaign on BinanceNFT

  • The Monsterra INO whitelist on GameFi & Metaverse Starter

This year of 2022, the most important milestone is surely the game launching which is expected to be out this March. But before that, we do have an explosive IDO for community to enjoy. Keep following us for more updates to come!


  1. What usecase and utilities of your token? Can I do staking for passive income benefits and what else long term holders can benefitted?

:fire:Token holders of $MSTR will receive massive benefits from Monsterra game as they can have:

:white_check_mark: Rewards from staking pools.

:white_check_mark: Extra bonus from the exogenous network revenue.

:white_check_mark: Rewarding incentive from playing Monsterra game: joining events, tournaments, arena.

:white_check_mark: Voting right to govern Monsterra game

These are all enticing benefits for our token holders. For more information can take a closer look into our Whitepaper at: DAO Treasury - Monsterra NFT Game: Free-to-play-to-earn

  1. COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

:disappointed_relieved:It is true that the covid-19 and the market downtrend have had a huge impact on the crypto market. It is a real challenge to the P2E gaming industry, yet, our team also sees it as an opportunity for further development in Monsterra game.

:heart_eyes:While waiting for the greenlight from the market, our team has focused on improving our product in as many aspects as we can. We try to design a more attractive gameplay to enhance the player experience as well as build an innovative tokenomic model to maintain the balance of the in-game economy over time. We also promoted strategic partnership with top VCs, construct a partners ecosystem to best support our project when the game launches.

  1. Can you list 1-3 KILLERs features of YOUR project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive ADVANTAGE your project has that you feel most confident about?:rosette::rosette::rosette:

Personally speaking, Monsterra is different from other existing P2E games due to 3 outstanding points.

:heavy_check_mark: Dual-chain P2E game

:heavy_check_mark: Free-To-Play and Free-To-Earn Game Mechanics

:heavy_check_mark: Play-For-Fun Game Model

For me, these 3 advantages are all important to the growth of our Monsterra game. Being a dual-chain P2E game and having the Free-To-Play and Free-To-Earn Game mechanics bring an easy approach to reaching out to potential customers and highly encourages new players to enter the Monsterra game while the play-for-fun model helps keep players stay with us and attract more new active users to come.

  1. Do you have AUDIT certificates?? or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

It is true security is one of the most vital aspects of all projects. That is the reason why Monsterra decided to apply and put our MSTR token under the extensive Smart Contract audit of Certik: Monsterra NFT Game - CertiK Security Leaderboard

I am excitedly thrilled to announce that our MSTR token has successfully passed that strict audit process by Certik. By being certified by this leading security-focused ranking platform, Monsterra can say with confidence that our tokens will be free of vulnerabilities and have minimized the risk of being hacked. However, in the future, Monsterra will still proceed the cooperation with various blockchain experts and audit firms to maintain the highest level of security and ensure the safety of users.

  1. Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far and upcoming partnerships?

We are now pairing with various notable partners worldwide such as IceTea Labs, GameFi, TerraVerse, Shima Capital, Salad, Kyros Ventures, RedKite, Bunicorn and many more marketing partners.

In addition to the financial investment for the project, our partners also support Monsterra in market research, product development and connection to partner networks and KOLs around the world. They also act as the key strategic advisors providing strategic advice and assessments that help set Monsterra on a clear and solid path to growth. In this March, Monsterra will host IDO on GameFi and another launchpad to be finalized later. Please join us and look forward to this booming event!

About Monsterra

Monsterra is a free-to-play-to-earn blockchain-based game inspired by the Axie Infinity game’s pet world and the gameplay in Clash of Clan or Boom Beach of Supercell.

The game set foot in a fictional world and revolves around farming, property building, and battling with other lands with the magical creatures named Mongen. The revolutionized design of Monsterra is a combination of free-to-play and free-to-earn models which allows millions of gaming enthusiasts to enjoy fun and have a high-profit stream with no prior investment.

Learn more about our Monsterra:

Twitter | Telegram Official Chat | Telegram Announcement | Discord | Medium | Youtube

About Bunicorn

Bunicorn is an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.

Within Bunicorn Ecosystem:

  • The Bunicorn RPG game is designed as a “Play to earn” model while teleporting users to a magical “Bunicorn” world with exquisite NFT collectibles.

  • Bunicorn exchange is a high-performance AMM DEX that offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity mining, with unique time-locked rewards wrapped into tradable NFTs.

Learn more about Bunicorn:

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