Metaverse Starter Launchpad UX / UI Update

Dear BUNIans,

We have listened to the voices of our community over the past few months and would like to thank you all for your continued support. After working hard to identify ways to improve discoverability and utility for all kinds of actions, we are excited to announce the Metaverse Starter Launchpad will undertake a refresh of its own.

Visit: Metaverse Starter

This update will encompass our brand-new User Interface (UI) and an exciting new User Experience (UX) that is designed to maximize user productivity, and ensure that the user experience is consistent across all Metaverse Starter features.

Metaverse Starter can support various chains encompassing BSC, ETH, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche and more. We aim to make Metaverse Starter not an IDO or INO launchpad solely, but a one-stop marketplace & launchpad within the Bunicorn ecosystem that enables cross-launchpad for all NFT & game projects.

IDO Tiers & Requirements

To be eligible for the IDO on Metaverse Starter, users will need to stake a certain amount of $BUNI into our staking pools HERE or reach certain ranks in Bunicorn Game.

You can check more details at: Metaverse Starter Launchpad Release Announcement | by Buni | Bunicorn

In the upcoming days, our team will be sharing more details about upcoming features that will make Metaverse Starter a very competitive DeFi and NFT platform for creators and users to thrive.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this update, kindly contact our administrators on Bunicorn Official Discord.

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