Bunicorn Weekly Recap (Nov 1 - Nov 7, 2021)


Bunicorn is in TOP 10 #BinanceSmartChain GAMES WITH HIGHEST MONTHLY PLAYERS by Coinshala


  1. Bunicorn Boost Feature is LIVE (during the Raid Boss Event only)

Make sure your Bunicorns have the best advantage possible in the Raid Boss Event with the boost multiplier!

  • To increase the strength of the Bunicorn, you can start boosting the boost_multiplier stat for your Bunicorns.

  • This boost_multiplier stat will only be valid during Raid Boss event #2

  • Boost_multiplier fluctuates randomly from 1.2 to 1.5

  • If you are not satisfied with the random number received, you can reset it many times.

  • Payment method: BUR off-chain

:small_orange_diamond: For a normal Bunicorn

  • The new stat will replace the old stat even if the new stat is smaller than the old stat

:small_orange_diamond: For Morphony

  • If the new stat is smaller than Morphony’s initial stat, keep the current stat

  • If the new stat is bigger than Morphony’s initial stat, keep the new stat

  1. The Raid Boss Event #2

A. Overview

:small_orange_diamond: Boss: There will be 1 raid boss spawned per event day. This Raid Boss’s element is Air, and his name is Harpo Borega.

:small_orange_diamond: Total prize: $60,000 in TOP & HERA tokens

:small_orange_diamond: Duration: Nov 6, 2021 (UTC) - Nov 10, 2021 (UTC)

:small_orange_diamond: Ticket: No event ticket is required

B. Raid Boss Battle

:small_orange_diamond: Squad Requirements: At least 1 Trainer and 3 Bunicorns per account

:small_orange_diamond: Stamina: Both PvE and Raid Boss Event will be sharing the same stamina pool

:small_orange_diamond: Event-dedicated Bunicorn: Players can use Morphony Bunicorn or/and Normal Bunicorn

:small_orange_diamond: Elixir: One Elixir will be used to fight a Combo 4 without losing any stamina in the Raid Boss event

C. Rewards

50,000 $BUNI for lower tiers and four $15,000 prize pools including 02 $HERA prize pools and 02 $TOP prize pools, which are distributed to participants at specific ranks, encompassing Top 20, Top 21-70, and 100 lucky winners.

#Livestream & AMA

:trophy: #MVBIII Monthly Stars Sept Expo - #Metaverse, #GameFi & Infra Session

Along with selected MVBIII Monthly Stars of September, Bunicorn co-lived and shared our insights and the future plan of #Bunicorn with Binance Smart Chain.

Make sure you check it out and spread the words on this valuable event.


  1. :crown: Bunicorn’s October Golden List

No goal is out of reach with BUNians’ support! Such a statement is even more true after the challenging October

Let’s now call out the names of the most contributive BUNians that have been actively supporting the community and Bunicorn last month. Thank you so much for your ceaseless love and we would love to have more names called up next month.

  1. Join Hero Arena Whitelist for INO on Bunicorn

:white_check_mark:Whitelist Time: 1PM UTC OCT 30 - 1PM UTC NOV 10

:white_check_mark:Whitelist Result: 3 AM UTC NOV 12

:large_orange_diamond: Step 1: Choose either of the two options below

— Opt 1: Stake at least 500 $HERA tokens (or LP tokens) in the pools on Bunicorn exchange: Bunicorn Exchange

— Opt 2: Hold min. 3000 $BUNI

  • BUNI tokens on CEX or in-game rewards don’t count

  • BUNI tokens in Bunicorn staking pools or liquidity pools count

:large_orange_diamond: Step 2: User accesses INO website https://ino.heroarena.app/ to sign in and connect your wallet

:large_orange_diamond: Step 3: Fill and submit Register form: User address, Telegram ID, Email (optional)

:large_orange_diamond: Step 4: Register Whitelist


  1. Hero Arena Farming Pool on Bunicorn DEX with APR up to 430%

To help maximize BUR’s utilities and diversify your investment portfolio, we have opened a $BUR staking pool.
Stake $BUR at Bunicorn Exchange

  1. BUR Staking Pool Open with APR up to 210%

In order to maximize the earnings from Ancient BUNI farming pools, Bunicorn has opened Ancient BUNI NFT Staking where you can stake your Ancient BUNI NFTs.
Stake your NFTs at: Bunicorn Exchange

  1. Ancient BUNI NFT Staking with over $50,000 reward pool

The farming pools will be running 6 months starting from 1PM Oct. 30th, 2021 - 1PM Apr 30, 2022 (UTC)
Earn $HERA at Bunicorn Exchange

  1. TOP farming pools are still activating with APR up to 350%

The 3 pools of $TOP Farm (TOP-BNB / TOP-BUNI / TOP staking pool) are still opening on Bunicorn DEX since September 9, 2021.
Earn $TOP at Bunicorn Exchange

About Bunicorn

Bunicorn is an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.

Within Bunicorn Ecosystem

— The Bunicorn RPG game is designed as a “Play to earn” model, while teleporting users to a magical “Bunicorn” world with exquisite NFT collectibles.

— Bunicorn exchange is a high-performance AMM DEX that offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity mining, with unique time-locked rewards wrapped into tradable NFTs.

Learn more about Bunicorn:

[Twitter](https://twitter.com/bunicornswap) | [Discord](https://discord.gg/6pRKwE3ut2) | [Announcement Channel](https://t.me/bunicornswap) | [Global Chat](https://t.me/bunicornswap_en) | [Website](https://bunicorn.finance/) | [Forum](https://forum.buni.finance/) | [Youtube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcrwKH2aGDbEYUTGnqvCibg)

[Bunicorn Game](https://bunicorn.game) - [Game Docs](https://docs.bunicorn.game)

[Bunicorn DEX](https://bunicorn.exchange/#/trade/tokens) - [Exchange Docs](https://docs.buni.finance) - [Github](https://github.com/bunicorndefi)