Bunicorn Weekly Recap (Dec 27 - Jan 02, 2022)


1. Bunicorn DEX Mobile App

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited mobile application of Bunicorn Decentralized Exchange is officially available for download. With this app, users can optimally experience all the core features which are similar to the web version such as Trade, Liquidity, Farms & NFT Pools. Furthermore, Bunicorn App also provides users the option to protect their assets through PIN and Face ID along with customizations to their preference.

:point_right: DOWNLOAD NOW: Google Play

:pushpin: Note: Bunicorn App is available only to non-U.S. citizens and residents.

2. Bunicorn Puzzle Gameplay Test

We are pleased to reveal a novelty of trainers and bunicorns in the brand new Bunicorn Puzzle Gameplay along with the demo gameplay that’s now available on Android mobile devices.

:point_right: DOWNLOAD APK: Here

:round_pushpin: Check Video demo at: BUNICORN PUZZLE GAMEPLAY TEST - YouTube

:alarm_clock: The completed testnet version of the Bunicorn Puzzle will be released on March 21, 2022. The mainnet will come on March 31, 2022.

3. Metaverse Launchpad Update

The 1st staking competition to earn diamond tiers will be live at 13:00 UTC, Jan 1st to 13:00 UTC, Jan 4th, 2022


Upcoming Projects in January

There are potential IDO projects coming out on Metaverse Starter Launchpad in January, 2022 as follows: Monsterra IDO, Meta Merge IDO, and Kingdom Quest IDO. Get ready for them!

Read more about IDO tiers on our launchpad Metaverse HERE


1. Bunicorn & Trainer Staking Pools

As specified in the proposal, Bunicorn and Trainer Staking Pools have been activated for all players until Buni Island goes live. These NFT staking pools will be renewed every 30 days.

  • Stake & Burn Period: From 3PM Dec 21, 2021 (UTC) to 3PM Jan 19, 2022 (UTC).

  • Pool Link:

  • Trainer Staking Pool: https://bunicorn.exchange/#/game-nft/trainer-staking-pools

  • Bunicorn Staking Pool: Bunicorn Exchange

  • Eligible NFTs: Lvl 11 - Lvl 100 Trainers & 3-5 star Bunicorns.

  • Reward Pool: 250K $BUNI for Bunicorn Staking Pool, and 250K $BUNI for Trainer Staking Pool added on monthly basis.

2. BUR Staking Pool Open with APR up to 210%

To help maximize BUR’s utilities and diversify your investment portfolio, we have opened a $BUR staking pool.

Stake $BUR at Bunicorn Exchange

3. Ancient BUNI NFT Staking Pool Ver.2

We closed the current Ancient BUNI NFT Staking Pool at 5 PM on November 30, 2021 (UTC); and opened a brand new Ancient BUNI NFT Staking Pool Ver.2.

  • Venue: Bunicorn Exchange
  • Available Time: 1 PM on December 1, 2021 (UTC) — TBD
  • Eligible NFT: Ancient BUNI NFTs that have finished their 30 vesting days
  • Reward Pool: The higher level of Ancient BUNI NFT you get, the higher its hash rate is, the better reward you receive.

Check the details at: Ancient BUNI NFT Staking Pool Ver.2 | by Buni | Nov, 2021 | Bunicorn

4. Stake BUNI/BUR/LP token to earn Ancient BUNI NFTs

In order to maximize the earnings from Ancient BUNI farming pools, Bunicorn has opened Ancient BUNI NFT Staking where you can stake your Ancient BUNI NFTs.

Stake your tokens at: Bunicorn Exchange

5. Hero Arena Farming Pools on Bunicorn DEX with APR up to 170%

The farming pools will be running 6 months starting from 1PM Oct. 30th, 2021 - 1PM Apr 30, 2022 (UTC)

Earn $HERA at Bunicorn Exchange

6. TOP farming pools are still activating with APR up to 410%

The 3 pools of $TOP Farm (TOP-BNB / TOP-BUNI / TOP staking pool) are still opening on Bunicorn DEX since September 9, 2021.

Earn $TOP at Bunicorn Exchange

About Bunicorn

Bunicorn is an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.

Within Bunicorn Ecosystem

— The Bunicorn RPG game is designed as a “Play to earn” model, while teleporting users to a magical “Bunicorn” world with exquisite NFT collectibles.

— Bunicorn exchange is a high-performance AMM DEX that offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity mining, with unique time-locked rewards wrapped into tradable NFTs.

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