Bunicorn Weekly Recap (09/08 – 15/08)

Dear community,

It’s never a dull week here at Bunicorn. As we are preparing for our Bunicorn NFT Game coming up at the end of this month, let’s take a detour on what happened last week. Pay special attention to the Farming Tips as you may need them to gear up your army!

KyberNetwork invested in Bunicorn

With the same vision to make blockchain technology both transparent and accessible to the public, Kyber Network has become Bunicorn’s latest investor.

Bunicorn has utilized KyberDMM technology to provide both low slippage and high capital efficiency for stablecoins. Thus, through our newly formed partnership, Kyber Network will further collaborate with the Bunicorn team on its application of dynamic market making.

Bunicorn’s Full Month event

This August 12 marked exactly 1 month from $BUNI’s IDO event. 50% of the remaining IDO token as 3.33M $BUNI was unlocked and claimed on Poolz & Redkite on August 12, at 2PM UTC.

Check out our token metrics: https://bunicorn.finance

Bunicorn Owns one of the most Cost-efficient Stablecoin Pools for Traders

Founder and CEO Phuc Nguyen had set up an experiment to compare the swapping efficiency between Bunicorn and Pancakeswap. With the same trading amount, the numbers that users gain back were different.

With Bunicorn:

  • Traders have a better slippage & rate
  • Liquidity provider earn more swapping fee with smaller capital

Don’t believe us? Experience it for yourself: Bunicorn Exchange

Bunicorn AMA with GAINS Associates

This week, our Bunciron’s CEO & Founder – Phuc Nguyen attended an AMA with GAINS Associates. If you missed this fruitful conversation, check out our recap to capture the overview of Bunicorn development as well as our upcoming plans.

Bunicorn x TokenPlay Partnership

As a result of the partnership with Tokenplay:

  • Bunicorn NFT will be listed on TokenPlay Marketplace

  • TokenPlay’s token will be listed on Bunicorn

  • Explore other yield farming activities & crypto communities together

Press talking about Bunicorn

DeFi and Gaming in blockchain has become the fastest growing trend in 2021. Thus, Bunicorn is about to combine and elevate these two trends with our upcoming NFT game.

Let’s Hackernoon tell you more about what Bunicorn has to offer.

DeFi is finally coming to the blockchain gaming space. As Bunicorn is already in the game, it is inevitable to catch up with the trend to survive and soar.

You are invited to read the article about Bunciron on Hackernoon:

The Rise of NFT-Based Yield Farming in Blockchain Gaming

Bunicorn NFT farm Tips

Many eggs have been harvested, many chests have been opened. To help players achieve the best gears, here are some important Bunicorn Farming tips:

Bunicorn NFT farms have traveled halfway

  • Bunicorn’s NFT farming program is more than halfway through. Yet, there is still time for you to dive into Bunicorn NFT Pools & get the exclusive Eggs/Chests. Keep calm and get your Egg soon!

Cheers to all BUNIans!

About Bunicorn

Bunicorn is an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.

Within Bunicorn Ecosystem

— Bunicorn RPG game is designed for the “Play to earn” purpose while teleporting users to a magical “Bunicorn” world with exquisite NFT collectibles.

— Bunicorn exchange is a highly performed AMM DEX that offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity farm mining with unique time-locked rewards wrapped into tradable NFTs.

​​The BUNI token is a utility token intended to perform several functions, mostly protocol ownership and can be added in the future.

  • Revenue share: BUNI holders can stake their tokens to earn a portion of the revenue
    generated from the platform services such as swapping fees.
  • Governance: BUNI holders can use their tokens to vote on governance proposals
    regarding changes and upgrades to the protocol.


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