Bunicorn Raid Boss Event Rules

Long ago, in the age of darkness, Buniland was almost razed during the Great War of super-powerful creatures. Some of these magnificent beasts have enormous physical strength while others can cast dark magics, or absorb and utilize the planet’s resources to magnify their deadly attacks. Each of them represents a source of elemental power including Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Finally, the 4 strongest ones won and sealed other creatures away. They became the Legendary Bunicorns, or the Gods, opening a new peaceful era for the planet.

However, Hunter Inc. came and looked for this limitless power for their own purpose. They have summoned these monsters one more time to rule the land. The first one is Darth Sappo, a dark monster from the black sea with a magical sword. The Hunter Inc. also turned other vigorous Bunicorns to be Darth Sappo’s fellows and started the big hunt.

We must unite and brace ourselves for the next Great Battle coming!

Darth Sappo


  • Make another way to fight beside the normal battle
  • Make another utility for the BUR token
  • Encourage users to hunt and burn more BUR
  • Encourage users to enhance Bunicorn at least once
  • Encourage users to use more than 1 Bunicorn
  • Experiment with a zero-gas-fee battle which is the combination between on-chain and off-chain
  • Experiment with the card animations


  • The event will last 3 days in early October, the exact date is to be determined.
  • There will be several raid bosses spawned at a schedule described in the below sections. Each of them comes with great rewards.
  • To join the event, users need to buy a ticket and have 1 trainer from level 11 or above and at least 3 Bunicorns.

Event Ticket

  • Trainers and Bunicorns joining the raid boss battles will have a different kind of stamina called Event Stamina. It means one trainer/Bunicorn can still fight 7 normal battles and 7 Raid Boss battles per day. In future events, we will use only 1 stamina and you have to decide which battle to fight.
  • Each user needs to buy one ticket to join the event. It cannot be transferred to another player.
  • The battle ticket costs 40$ in BUR/address for this event but is subjected to change in the future after we have analytical data after the first event.
  • 1 ticket can be used for all the fights in 3 days and for all trainers.

The Raid Boss

The raid bosses also have elements. The elemental advantage/disadvantage is similar to a normal battle. In this first event, the raid boss element is water. There are 2 kinds of Bosses:

  • Raid Boss: Spawned every 4 hours. The rewards are in BUNI tokens.
  • Super Raid Boss: Spawn every 12 hours. Rewards are in BUNI, BNB.

If the boss is not defeated after a given amount of time, it will escape. In this case, only half of the rewards are distributed to users. The other half will be used to add more liquidity for BUR in Bunicorn Exchange.

Event dedicated Bunicorn

We will introduce a new Bunicorn named Morphony with an additional boost multiplier. During raid boss battle, the power multiplier is calculated as follow:

power_multiplier = boost_multiplier * SUM(attribute * factor) / attribute_baseline


  • boost_multiplier of Morphony Bunicorn is randomized from 2 to 3.5. Other Bunicorns can also join the battle with boost_multiplier = 1.
  • If the attribute has the same element with Bunicorn, factor = 1.15
  • If the attribute is NEUTRAL, factor = 1.07
  • Bonus attribute has factor = 2.2. It means that an enhanced Bunicorn will fight much better than a normal one.
  • For the rest, factor = 1

Morphony Bunicorn

After the event has ended, Morphony can be used as a normal Bunicorn again and still have some boost multiplier in the next event.

All kinds of Bunicorn can join the battle, but Morphony is preferable because it can deal greater damage. At least, you should join the event with an enhanced Bunicorn.

Raid boss battle calculation

Similar to a normal battle, the base power of a player is calculated as follow:

FinalDamage = playerBasePower * elementalBonus ±10%


  • elementalbonus = bonusBunicorn1 + bonusBunicorn2 + bonusBunicorn3
  • playerBasePower=trainerPower∗multiplier
  • multiplier = multiplierBunicorn1 + multiplierBunicorn2 + multiplierBunicorn3


The contribution of each player is calculated as follow:

contribution = sqrt(damage_dealt)

After a boss is defeated, rewards will be distributed to all participants corresponding to their contribution a few days after the event is ended.

There are 300K BUNI and 60 BNB in total to be claimed in this first raid boss event. There are 18 Raid Boss and 6 Super Raid Boss in total. The reward of each raid boss is explained in the table below:


  • MVP is the most valuable player who dealt the most damage to the boss.
  • Elixir is a special item with great power. The usage of Elixir will be introduced in the next Raid Boss event.
  • Lucky Winner is randomized based on the last hit, the randomized formula will be announced once the event is ended to avoid speculators.

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