Bunicorn Owns one of the Most Cost-efficient Stablecoin Pools for Traders

Looking for the most cost-effective decentralized exchange with low-to-no slippage, especially for stablecoins? Then you should come to Bunicorn DEX.

Bunicorn is confident that we are one of the most competitive DEXes on the market to provide optimized solutions for all users. To see how Bunicorn is doing better, our Founder and CEO Phuc Nguyen have setups an experiment to compare Bunicorn and Pancakeswap as following:

  • Swap 10,000 USDC to BUSD on both Bunicorn and Pancake
  • The observed TVL of the USDC-BUSD pool at that time in Bunicorn and Pancakeswap are $5M and $144M, respectively

After swapping, we record that:

  • The fee on Bunicorn is ~3,6 times less than that on Pancakeswap
  • The trader owns 11.6873 BUSD more when swapping 10,000 USDC to BUSD with Bunicorn

Transaction proof regarding the experiment can be found at Bunicorn tx and Pancakeswap tx.

As can be seen from the experiment, Bunicorn with only limited TVL at the moment but has already outperformed other popular DEXes on the market and benefited:

  • Traders to have a better slippage & rate
  • Liquidity provider to earn more swapping fee with smaller capital

Let’s explore how this was implemented.

High Capital Efficiency & Lower Slippage

Bunicorn owns high capital efficiency as it can provide a much better slippage rate despite significantly lower TVL. This advantage is thanks to Bunicorn’s Kyber DMM-style Amplified Pools.

Leveraging the Kyber DMM model, Bunicorn protocol facilitates liquidity providers with the ability to adjust the pricing curves of any stablecoins pair using a special amplification factor also known as ‘AMP.’ The curves are still a constant product, but of virtual balances instead of real balances. Thanks to the virtual balances, which are amplified significantly from real balances, the DMM pools can achieve moderate spread and slippage rates compared to the original constant product model given the same capital.

Low Fee

Beyond making our slippage good compared to most DEXes thanks to amplified pools, we also keep our fee low. Instead of taking a fixed percentage of the trade value like other existing AMMs, Bunicorn uses a Dynamic Fee model to decide the swapping fee for users. It works to detect changes in network volume and will raise or lower transaction fees accordingly. This means that the fee does not concern the total value of tokens you swap but the usage of the network.

For such capabilities of Bunicorn, retail users can now swap tokens with low slippage and a good price. And whales also can convert their stablecoin from one to another, or make the best profit out of their large stablecoin portfolio.

About Bunicorn

Bunicorn is an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.

Within Bunicorn Ecosystem

— Bunicorn RPG game is designed for the “Play to earn” purpose while teleporting users to a magical “Bunicorn” world with exquisite NFT collectibles.

— Bunicorn exchange is a highly performed AMM DEX that offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity farm mining with unique time-locked rewards wrapped into tradable NFTs.

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