Bunicorn Officially Launches Collaboration with JRR

Bunicorn, the most optimized DEX on BSC, providing multiple outstanding features ranging from flexible AMM pools, amplified pools to smart order routing, dynamic fees, and many more.

The excellent idea armed with several extraordinary heads of the project has made JRR down with the investment into Bunicorn. The mutual firm belief is the core foundation for Bunicorn to fast forward with its expansion, promoting a transparent and robust cryptocurrency market.

Bunicorn is excited to leverage JRR’s investment to power up its development capability and expand the global network of partnerships with other allies in the digital economy.

About JRR

JRR is a Fin-tech group focused exclusively on disruptive innovations related to the traditional industry, which is the bridge connecting the real world and digital assets. Headquartered in Switzerland with branches in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Taibei, the business scope of JRR covers all across equity investing, digital banking, trading, and market-making, with an AUM of over $2 billion.

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About Bunicorn

Bunicorn is an automated market-making decentralized exchange that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Bunicorn inherited all of BSC’s strengths while being powered with advanced features.

  • Flexible AMM pools with up to 8 tokens, any weights.
  • Amplified pools that allow swapping between stablecoin pairs with lower slippage and higher capital efficiency.
  • Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools, a fair token distribution model against front-running bots.
  • Smart order routing that automatically splits your swap across several pools for optimized price.
  • Dynamic fees adjusted based on the underlying volatility.
  • Liquidity providers can also join multi-token pools with a single asset.
  • New innovative yield farming model that vests the earned reward and wraps them into NFT collectibles.

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