Bunicorn NFT Farms: Join to Earn the very First Bunicorn Eggs

Dear community,

As soon as the Bunicorn’s prestaking program comes to an end, and pay the path for the brand new Bunicorn NFT game’s release at the end of August, we decide to open new staking farms, and stakers will not only get $BUNI as rewards but also win our special Bunicorn Egg NFTs as an extra gift.

Details on the program shall be specified as below.

1. NFT Farm Opening Time :

2 PM July 28, 2021 (UTC) to 2 PM August 27, 2021 (UTC)

2. Exchange

Join NFT farms on our DEX at https://bunicorn.exchange

3. Pools

13 pools will be opened during this event, encompassing:

4. Reward

:white_check_mark: Users can get respective NFT tokens (except Epic Egg) based on the amount of earned BUNI users accumulated through staking as in the “NFT Rewards” photo below (*). For example, if your estimated BUNI reward during your farming period is 1200 BUNI, you will receive Mystery Chest as NFT Token Reward.

:white_check_mark: The first Epic Egg harvested by one farmer will still follow our previous rules. However, from the second Epic Egg, it can only be harvested if the farmer’s earned $BUNI at the time at least doubles the earned $BUNI required for his previous Epic Eggs

:mag_right: This means each user needs to accumulate:

10,000 $BUNI for his first Epic Egg
20,000 $BUNI for his second Epic Egg
40,000 $BUNI for his third Epic Egg
80,000 $BUNI for his fourth Epic Egg
and so on…

And each NFT Token can be unlocked to get a specific in-game item, demonstrated in orange texts in the “NFT Rewards” photo below.

:pushpin: NOTE:

  • Users can only stake NFT farms to get Chests/Eggs at the moment.
  • The in-game NFT items hatched from these Chests/Eggs will have a higher level of rarity compared to ones that users will be able to hunt in-game or purchase on marketplaces later on.

Mystery Chest

From left to right: Rare Egg, Epic Egg, Normal Egg

5. FAQ

a. When can I harvest NFT rewards?

Users can harvest their NFT any time to their preference

b. What value does the NFT token hold?

Each harvested NFT token will have 2 values:

  • $BUNI vested inside the NFT for 30 days after being harvested
  • Ability to unlock in-game items by the end of this August

c. What happens after I claim the $BUNI out of the NFT items?

The chest/egg will be burnt and you will no longer be able to unlock in-game items (**)

d. Is it possible to claim the $BUNI earlier than 30 days?

Yes, but the receivable amount will vary as below:

  • Receivable $BUNI = $BUNI locked for (n) days + 50% $BUNI locked for (30-n) days
  • The remaining 50% $BUNI locked for (30-n) days will be transferred to a Treasury (***) address immediately

(n) is the number of days counting from the moment users successfully harvested the NFT to the moment they successfully convert the NFT to $BUNI

e. What happens after I use the NFT to unlock in-game items?

  • You will still be able to claim the $BUNI token following its vesting schedule mentioned in the d. section
  • The eggs & chest will be opened and cannot be used to unlock in-game items twice.

:pushpin: NOTE:

(*) The Bunicorn Logo NFT Token has no in-game or on-chain value; and serves the purpose of locking rewards till harvesting day.

(**) It’s recommended to use your NFT to unlock in-game items by the end of August before claiming $BUNI token out of it.

(***) Treasury is a fund that will only be unlocked by the Governance in the future.

If you have any questions regarding the NFT farming program, kindly drop us a quick message on the Bunicorn Global Telegram Chat.

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