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Last Sunday evening, August 15, 2021, Bunicorn hosted the first voice chat with the community on Bunicorn Vietnam Telegram Channel. We discussed the mechanism of Bunicorn’s NFT Farming Pools and shared lots of information about the first Bunicorn game that will be released at the end of August.

With Bunicorn’s NFT Farming program still taking place, our team has been receiving numerous questions from the community regarding Farming tips & NFT rewards. Thus, we hope that the following takeaway can be used as a cheat sheet for users to refer to achieve the best farming rewards.

Bunicorn’s Mechanism in Harvesting/ Vesting NFT/ Claiming Reward

1. When should I harvest NFT rewards?
Users can harvest their NFT any time to their preference. However, users need to accumulate a total amount of BUNI reward that is equivalent to the NFT level required (shown under each NFT) to receive Chests/Eggs. Once users harvest, the BUNI reward will be reset to start calculating from the beginning.

The NFT level required

:warning: Note: The more $BUNI you stack up, the “rarer” your NFT will be!
For example: you are more likely to get an Egg level 3 hatched from a 4K Normal Egg rather than from the 1K Normal Egg.

2. How do users claim the BUNI rewards? Will the BUNI rewards be locked?
BUNI rewards will be fully returned within 30 days from the first day of pressing Harvest

:warning: Note: BUNI rewards will not be locked. It will be returned gradually for each block in 30 days. If the user claims BUNI prior to the 30-day time, they will not receive the BUNI reward for the remaining days.

For instance: An user presses Harvest to receive a Chest on August 21. After 30 days (September 20), this user will receive 100% the amount of BUNI included in the Chest.

If the user wants to claim the BUNI reward prior to the 30-day time, the total amount of BUNI reward received will vary as below:

Case No.1: Users want to claim the BUNI reward right after pressing Harvest → they will immediately receive 50% of the BUNI amount, the remaining 50% will be transferred to the Treasury address.

Case No.2: Users want to claim the BUNI reward after pressing Harvest for a period of time, the amount of BUNI reward received will be calculated as follows:
50% Buni Reward + (50%: 30 days x Total days from the day you press Harvest)

For example:
Mr.A’s NFT is a Normal Egg with 2000 BUNI value (check in the Vesting NFT tab). Mr. A pressed Harvest NFT on August 21.*

After the game launch on August 31, Mr. A will be able to unlock the NFT token into in-game items. He also can claim his equivalent BUNI reward. However, since he harvested his rewards before the 30-day period, the amount of BUNI reward tokens that Mr. A actually receives will be as follows:

1000 BUNI + [(1000 : 30 ) x 10 ] = 1000 + 333.333 = 1,333.333 BUNI

Due to claiming the BUNI reward 20 days earlier than the 30-day period, Mr.A will only receive 1,333.333 BUNI instead of the total 2000 BUNI.

*1000: 50% of 2000 BUNI reward
*30: number of days an user needs to wait to claim full 100% BUNI reward
*10: number of days since the Harvest NFT date: August 21-August 31

->> Hint: For the ideal outcome, users should open in-game items from the NFT eggs or chests after the game launch on 31 August and only then claim the BUNI reward. If users claim the BUNI reward before the program ends, the harvested NFT chests/eggs will be destroyed immediately.

Claim BUNI

Warning: Users who claim $BUNI before August 31 will (1) lose the amount of BUNI reward for the remaining days and (2) have their NFT be burned immediately.

3. How does the NFT Vesting process work?
After pressing Harvest, the harvested NFT will be stored in the Vesting NFT tab → press “Approve All” and wait until August 31 to convert the NFT into in-game items (Trainers/ Bunicorns)

:warning: Note: After the game launch on August 31, users are required to manually convert eggs/chests into corresponding characters (Bunicorns / Trainers). If users do not carry out this action before claiming BUNI, the harvested NFT as eggs/chests will be burned immediately.

4. When will the Bunicorn’s Marketplace open?
Bunicorn’s Marketplace will be opened by the time the game is released at the end of August. If users do not want to convert their NFT into an in-game Bunicorn / Trainer, they can push the chests or eggs to the marketplace for sale.

:warning: Note to sellers: NFT and BUNI reward included in that NFT are not separated and will be sold together. Thus, once users decide to push the NFT to the market, they should determine a good selling price to avoid selling at a loss.

For example: If a user gets a Normal Egg (wrapping 2000 BUNI reward inside), he should sell it on the marketplace at a higher price, such as 3000 BUNI.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When the user presses unstake/harvest, does it affect the NFT?
Pressing unstake / harvest means users will automatically harvest the NFT corresponding to the amount of BUNI reward earned at that time. The BUNI reward will be reseted and users will have to re-stake from the beginning.

2. ​​How can I play Bunicorn if I don’t join NFT farms and/or have no chest/egg?
Players can purchase a starter pack sold on Bunicorn’s NFT marketplace or purchase chests/eggs or in-game items sold by other players.

3. Are the characters received from NFT farming pools and in-game characters different?
The duo to play Bunicorn’s game is a pair of Trainer and Bunicorn (the pet is the Bunicorn). In the NFT Farm, only the chest has the duo containing a Bunicorn & a Trainer. If players do not participate in the NFT Farm, they can buy a Starter Pack which includes 1 1-star Bunicorn + 1 trainer level 1 to play the game.

=> Hint: For users who joined the Bunicorn NFT Farm: if you can harvest both eggs and chests, you get the best duo when playing in the game. In case you only have the eggs, when the game launches, you need to buy trainers on the marketplace.

4. Is it possible to combine BUNI rewards in 2 different pools to accumulate NFTs?
No, each Pool has its own NFT and BUNI reward. It is impossible to combine BUNI rewards from various pools to accumulate for a joint NFT.

Should you have any questions, feel free to talk to us at Bunicorn telegram chat

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