Bunicorn Monthly Highlight — July 2021

Dear community,

Another month has gone by so quickly. And July has been the most progressive and groundbreaking period for both the Bunicorn team and our loyal community members across the globe.

Bunicorn has successfully established norms for the market with various monster debuts of Bunicorn IDO, Bunicorn DEX, and the upcoming Bunicorn Game and Marketplace at the end of August. Our vision is for gamers to regain control of their digital assets in a series of interconnected & innovative games in the universe, Play to Earn, and increase the adoption of blockchain technology in their everyday lives.

And these state-of-the-art products within the Bunicorn universe have set the standard high in alignment with remarkable achievements of :

  • 24M Total Locked Value within just 2 weeks
  • $BUNI’s ATH soared to $0.4
  • Social Volume up by 431.3% in one week, measured by LunarCrush

Let’s rewind and see what we have accomplished together for the last 31 days of August.

Product Developement and Updates

1. Bunicorn Play-to-earn Game in this August

What we all have been waiting for is finally here. At the end of this August, we will release Bunicorn Game, the long-incubated unique NFT game which opens the doors to a magnificent world of the Bunicorn universe. And beyond making it leisure, all users can play and earn while immersing themselves in such a lively and enchanting dimension with our play-to-earn gameplay.

Read here to find out more about:

  • The Tale of Buniland
  • How Bunicorn Game Engages and Benefits Players
  • What is Bunicorn Egg?

2. NFT Farm Feature is LIVE

As the NFT farms are live, users can now use the NFT Staking feature to stake their LPs and get NFT tokens as rewards. The respective NFT tokens will be shown together with the number of BUNI earned as demonstrated below. Read more about the NFT farm program HERE.

3. Update Bunicorn DEX’s UI

We have eliminated the Home page, and move the User’s pool information to the My Asset section for synchronized experience on pages. Users can now find both their assets and pools in one place.

4. Bunicorn Mainnet is LIVE

In addition to the IDO, our team is excited to announce that the mainnet is now LIVE and our Prestaking pool with a unique incentivized program has been opened. All Bunicorn supporters can trade, add liquidity, and prestake on our exchange as it is fully equipped with powerful features for you to have fun.

Join BUNICORN MAINNET at https://bunicorn.exchange

5. News Subscription Box

Our team gets ready to shoot some important news regarding our project plan. Subscribe to our mailbox now if you would not want to miss any valuable bits on $BUNI! Kindly fill out your email address at the Subscribe section on Bunicorn website’s footer https://bunicorn.finance/

New Recruits

Vincent Vu Joins Bunicorn to Originate a New Gamified Universe

Vincent Vu, a veteran Game Designer, has decided to be a part of Bunicorn’s dream team this July as our Game Design Director. Since graduating from Edith Cowan University, Singapore, he has owned more than 11 years of experience in the game designing field.


1. Token and Exchange Tracking : $BUNI hopped on CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, Dapp.com, coinstats, coingecko, DefiLlama, DeBank, vfat and DappRadar. You can now track #Bunicorn’s real-time numbers & analysis on the biggest crypto information sites!

2. Capital Ventures : Bunicorn and ICO Pantera’s strategic alliance will help expand Bunicorn’s reputation to the Korean market through services like co-marketing & brand awareness activities.

3. Launchpads : All projects built on Binance Smart Chain, which conducts IDO on the Red Kite launchpad, will be promptly recommended to get listed on the Bunicorn DEX with creative yield farming activities.

4. NFT : Bunicorn and PolkaFantasy agreed on releasing crossover NFT cards on the platform, featuring artworks from artists of both PolkaFantasy and Bunicorn.

Press Talks about Bunicorn

  1. NewsBTC, u.today: Bunicorn set to integrate Chainlink’s VRF to secure its NFT Collectibles’ Randomness for Yield Farmers. The movement is claimed to be game-changing as it secures the VBUNI NFT Collectibles bringing about adequate trust and security for holders who lock their yields in the time vesting liquidable NFTs.

  2. BSC News: Bunicorn to Reshape Liquidity Mining Incentives with Exclusive NFT Collectibles. This plan shall start with two next prominent milestones, encompassing the NFT game and the NFT marketplace.

Community Activities

Current Activities

1. Bunicorn NFT Farms: Join to Earn the very First Bunicorn Eggs

As soon as the Bunicorn’s prestaking program comes to an end, and pay the path for the brand new Bunicorn NFT game’s release at the end of August, we decide to open new staking farms, and stakers will not only get $BUNI as rewards but also win our special Bunicorn Egg NFTs as an extra gift.

2. Bunicorn’s 5-day Post-IDO Report & Plans for Phase 2

Bunicorn has successfully proceeded with three consecutive vital events and milestones and brought about groundbreaking achievements. And moving on to phase 2, Bunicorn will focus on originating its own gamified universe along with unique NFT cards. This plan shall start with two next prominent milestones, encompassing the NFT game and the NFT marketplace.

3. Bug Bounty Program

The Bunicorn Bug Bounty Program is an experimental and discretionary program that allows us to encourage and reward members of the community for finding and fixing significant bugs in our system.

It will be hosted by Immunefi and Hackenproof, so any issues found can be submitted there. Claims will be filtered by Immunefi/Hackenproof and valid ones investigated by our team.

The reward categories and value have been specified as follow:

  • Critical: 20,000–50,000$
  • High: 10,000–20,000$
  • Medium: 2,000–5,000$
  • Low: 2,000$

We call for all crackerjacks to join the challenge. If you are interested in making a difference, check out the event’s description.

Ended Activities

1. Bunicorn Introduces Incentivized Liquidity Bootstrapping Program

All Bunicorn users can join and prestake for $BUNI with our new incentivized liquidity bootstrapping program from 2 PM July 12, 2021 (UTC) to 2 PM July 28, 2021(UTC).

As the event has ended, rewards will stop counting, and APR will drop to 0%. Kindly unstake your LP at closing time and move it to NFT farm if you want to. Rewards will be paid in alignment with the vesting schedule. Read our instructions about what to do next after prestaking farm ends.

2. Bunicorn Trading Competition

We bring all users extra fun when they trade tokens with $BUNI via the Bunicorn’s warm-up trading competition. And throughout five days of the event, over 200 traders have actively participated in the race making Bunicorn DEX hotter than ever. The total reward of 20,000 $BUNI has been distributed to the verified winners on August 29, 2021.


1. When will the Bunicorn game be out?

We will release the Bunicorn Game along with the NFT marketplace at the end of this August.

2. Where to trade $BUNI?

We STRONGLY recommend our users to trade $BUNI on https://bunicorn.exchange only. BUNI pool on Pancakeswap was created by the community and doesn’t hold enough liquidity which leads to high slippage.

3. How to join NFT farming pools?

Kindly read our tutorial to successfully stake $BUNI for NFT tokens.

4. Some admins DM me first, are they scammers?

Yes, they are scammers. Anyone looking like admins and DM you first are scammers. Do not engage with them, or give them your personal information. Report and block. ADMINS NEVER DM YOU FIRST.

About Bunicorn

Bunicorn is an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.

Within Bunicorn Ecosystem

— Bunicorn RPG game is designed for the “Play to earn” purpose while teleporting users to a magical “Buniland’’ world with exquisite NFT collectibles.

— Bunicorn exchange is a highly performed AMM DEX that offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity farm mining with unique time-locked rewards wrapped into tradable NFTs.

​​The BUNI token is a utility token intended to perform several functions, mostly protocol ownership, and can be added in the future.

— Revenue share: BUNI holders can stake their tokens to earn a portion of the revenue generated from the platform services such as swapping fees.

— Governance: BUNI holders can use their tokens to vote on governance proposals regarding changes and upgrades to the protocol.

Learn more about Bunicorn:

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