Bunicorn Monthly Highlight — August 2021

Dear community,

This August has gone by so quickly, marking the most progressive breakthrough for both the Bunicorn team and our loyal community with the release of Bunicorn’s totally brand-new NFT Play-to-Earn game on August 31.

Let’s take a tour and see what we all have accomplished in the last 31 days of August.

Product Development

1. Bunicorn Game is officially live
The teaser of Bunicorn’s NFT Game was revealed on August 16, followed by the demo video on August 29. Then, the very first of Bunicorn’s NFT Play-to-Earn Game was finally released & warmly welcomed on August 31. It was such a landmark for both the Bunicorn team and the BUNIans community.

Hurry up and GAME ON at Bunicorn Game: Rising from the Abyss - Coming Soon on BSC - YouTube

Along the game, The Bunicorn in-game Tokenomic has also been released. The model consisted of lessons learned from the best & solutions to the existing NFT-model problems. Apart from $BUNI, Bunicorn will incentivize users with another in-game reward payout token, $BUR.

2. Ancient Buni NFT Farm Program
August 27 marked the end of the first Bunicorn NFT Farm program to collect in-game Eggs / Chests. After that, Bunicorn has had a brand new Ancient Buni NFT Farming Pool opened up, with different rewards to collect. This time, Farmers will be able to collect different NFT creatures and can later stake these NFTs into the NFT staking pools to earn a portion of the Bunicorn game’s revenue.

Join Bunicorn’s newest NFT Farms to bring home these cute rewards!

3. Bunicorn Owns one of the most Cost-efficient Stablecoin Pools for Traders, with advantages including

  • Better slippage & rate for traders
  • More swapping fees with smaller capital for liquidity providers

Therefore, when swapping with the same trading amount on Bunicorn, the numbers that users gain back will be significantly better compared to other exchanges.


1. Price Tracking and Token listing: $BUNI hopped on ONTOWallet, MEXC exchange, VNDC. You can now track and trade $BUNI on more reputable crypto applications!

2. KyberNetwork invested in Bunicorn
With the same vision to make blockchain technology both transparent and accessible to the public, Kyber Network has become Bunicorn’s latest investor.

4. Bunicorn and Gamlancer’s strategic collaboration will help accelerate the #NFT gaming experience as the parties are about to recruit the mainstream players to the #GameFi world.

5. Bunicorn also shook hands with GameFi to conquer both the yield farming & GameFi universe. Both parties saw eye-to-eye about various aspects from token listings, yield-farming activities to NFT release on both marketplaces, and more.

6. Bunicorn x TokenPlay Partnership: Bunicorn partnered up with Tokenplay. As a result of the partnership:

  • Bunicorn NFT will be listed on TokenPlay Marketplace
  • TokenPlay’s token will be listed on Bunicorn
  • Explore other yield farming activities & crypto communities together

Community Activities

1. Bunicorn has organized a fair launch of our in-game reward payout token $BUR using Bunicorn’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBP) Pool from August 29, 2021, at block 10440614 to August 31, 2021, at block 10498214.

Initial Liquidity Offering Result

  • Team deposited: 210 BNB
  • Total BNB raised: 1,023 BNB
  • The remaining BUR in the pool: 4,487,053
  • Last price: 0.00018223 BNB/BUR
  • End weight: 40% BUR, 60% BNB
  • Participants: 732 in total, 462 hodl till the end

New AMM Pool params

  • Weight: 50:50
  • BNB Amount: 823 BNB
  • BUR Amount: 4,487,053 BNB
  • Initial Price: 0.0001834 BNB/BUR ~ mostly the same with the final price discovered at the end of the ILO
  • The remaining 200 BNB will be transfered to the Treasury to organize gaming events later
  • Time: 7AM UTC 31st Aug 2021

NFT Airdrop result
These are 261 addresses that bought more than 1 BNB worth of BUR and didn’t sell until the sales has ended.
Check out a list of the airdrops here: BUR ILO NFT Airdrop Result - Google Sheets

2. Bunicorn’s Full Month event: August 12 marked exactly 1 month from $BUNI’s IDO event. 50% of the remaining IDO token as 3.33M $BUNI was unlocked and claimed on Poolz & Redkite on August 12, at 2PM UTC.
Check out our token metrics: https://bunicorn.finance

3 . Bunicorn applied for Binance’s MVB
This month, Bunicorn has turned in our application for #MVBIII ! We hope to receive your full support to further accelerate our community and expand our development!

4. Pre-staking Reward Distribution: On August 27, Bunicorn also released 20% of the pre-staking rewards as in the timeline schedule.

5. Joint Events with Partners

  • The Trading and Holding $BUNI Contest on MEXC: As a thank you for all of the community’s support, the Bunicorn team hosted a Trading and Holding $BUNI Contest on MEXC from August 26 to August 30. The total reward is up to 78,000 $BUNI to be won!

  • Greeting Event from Bunicorn & ONTOWallet: This month, Bunicorn has teamed up with ONTO Wallet to bring an extra fun activity to the community within 5 days from August 20 with the reward of 3100 BUNI & 900 ONG for grabs!

6. Bunicorn Discord Group
Should you be interested in joining Bunicorn Discord group, kindly follow the link Bunicorn

7. Name The Squad Challenge: On August 19, Bunicorn posted a challenge to the community, “Name The Squad Competition’’. The name with the most votes will get the reward of 1 Bunicorn + 1 Trainer! Winning the top votes in the 36-hour poll held by the Bunicorn team, “ The Ancient Buni ‘’ was selected to name our Bunicorn squad.

Core Team Introduction

It was great news regarding our Bunicorn’s core team as we now teamed up with TuNa - the Top 100 Binance NFT Creator and appointed him the Art Director of Bunicorn’s brand new game coming at the end of this year.

Press Talking about Bunicorn

1. Cointelegraph, Finance Yahoo and Digital Journal have featured the full story about exciting features in Bunicorn’s NFT Game. Here is the direct link for your reference:

  • Cointelegraph: shorturl.at/sQUW9
  • Finance Yahoo: shorturl.at/dBGR5
  • Digital Journal: shorturl.at/jBNV3

2. The Tokenomic of Bunicorn’s brand-new game has already been revealed. There was more analysis from Coinquora article for this model.

3. Hackernoon: You are invited to read the article about Bunciron on Hackernoon: The Rise of NFT-Based Yield Farming in Blockchain Gaming

That was all for an extremely busy month at Bunicorn. Our team has finally reached the first most important milestone with our game release. Hope you all ẹnjoy entering the Bunicornland. Happy new month and see you soon next week, BUNIans!

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Bunicorn is an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.

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— The Bunicorn RPG game is designed as a “Play to earn” model, while teleporting users to a magical “Bunicorn” world with exquisite NFT collectibles.
— Bunicorn exchange is a high performance AMM DEX that offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity mining, with unique time-locked rewards wrapped into tradable NFTs.

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