Bunicorn In-Game Tokenomic Announcement

As the NFT Trend continues to stir up the crypto space, more and more projects are releasing Play-to-Earn or NFT collective games. Bunicorn’s CEO Phuc Nguyen, has recently conducted an analysis, dissecting some of the problems that blockchain gamers are facing. As a result, our Tokenomic model below is a representation of how Bunicorn has absorbed the good and at the same time, developed solutions for the existing problems.

Bunicorn’s upcoming game in August is our first effort to develop a tokenomic that nurtures sustainable growth of the play-to-earn schema. This tokenomic will play a crucial role in identifying a strong token base for Bunicorn’s future gaming products to come, specifically our Mobile Game in the near future.
With all that being considered, we came up with the following tokenomic: There will be 2 tokens in the game: BUNI and BUR

What is BUR?

BUR or Bunicorn Universal Reward Token is our reward payout token. It is similar to the SLP of Axie Infinity, and will be used across all the games in the Bunicorn Universe. BUR holders also receive favorable staking rewards similar to the BUNI token.

This token has unlimited supply and will be minted during the gameplay only. The initial distribution and liquidity bootstrapping will be organized in the next few days in a fair launch on Bunicorn’s LBP Pool. The Bunicorn team will not have any tokens to dump. All will be distributed and belong to the community.

BUR can initially be traded in Bunicorn DEX and other exchanges in the future.


Our Tokenomics will provide solutions including:

  • Low & manageable price rate
  • Stable BUR payout rate.
  • Buying demand for BUNI and BUR, while burning the BUR to balance its supply.
  • Both trainers and Bunicorns can be burnt via fusion and enhancement to avoid inflation.
  • Distribute 5% of the game’s revenue to incentivize the BUNI token’s holder.

What are the utilities of BUR?

  • BUR for fusion: To increase the trainer’s level through major checkpoints, users need to do a fusion by merging 2 trainers at the same level. Fusion will cost BUR. These BUR will be burnt to reduce the supply.
  • BUR for Enhancement: To increase the stats of Bunicorn, users also need to merge different Bunicorns that cost BUR. These BUR will be burnt, too.
  • BUR for recruiting Trainers and hunting Bunicorns.
  • BUR for Staking: Stake BUR to get BUNI tokens in our yield farms.

Entry price

Each user needs to buy at least one trainer and one Bunicorn to get started with the game. We will have a lower entry price than Axie Infinity, and the actual price can dynamically change based on the market’s condition.

How users earn money:

  • Earning BUR after each battle’s victory.
  • Minting, upgrading Trainers/Bunicorns and selling them on the marketplace.
  • Staking BUNI/BUR and getting staking rewards.
  • Staking NFTs to get 5% of the game’s revenue.
  • Earning BUNI through tournaments and competitions held by the Bunicorn team.

How the game generates and captures revenue:

  • Minting fee of trainers and Bunicorn: Bunicorn’s minting will be in the form of a lucky Gacha/Drawing.
  • Fusion and enhancement fee for trainers and Bunicorns respectively.
  • 10% commission of all the transactions in the marketplace

How the game captures value for BUNI token:

  • Minting trainers and Bunicorns cost BUNI and create buy demand for BUNI tokens.
  • Staking incentive from AMM yield farms.
  • Staking to get 5% of the game’s revenue.

(1) Bunicorn will incentivize users with BUNI and BUR

(2) Earning BUNI and BUR will encourage users to play more.

(3) Playing more games will generate the actual revenue and buy demand for both BUNI and BUR.

(4) Buy demand will increase the price of BUNI and BUR, and at the same time, increase the APR in all the farming pools.

(5) Generated revenue will be collected from the treasury and used to

  • Incentivize the stakers, liquidity provider in BUNI AMM with 5% of the revenue.
  • Develop more game/business in the ecosystem, organize game contests, build community, and much more

$BUR Fair Launch is Coming!

Yes, you’ve heard it right. We will be hosting a fair launch for $BUR on the Bunicorn exchange. The fair launch is an initial liquidity offering for BUR, all the liquidity raised during the event will be added to the AMM pool after that. It will be open to the community on 29 August 2021.

As Bunicorn always aims to make our game truly fun and transparent, the upcoming fair launch should help us distribute $BUR to everyone at a reasonable price while keeping $BUR’s purchase demand stable. Taking this opportunity, we can also give the game governance entirely to the community accompanying us throughout this pioneering journey.

More details regarding $BUR’s fair launch will be revealed later in the following announcement.

About Bunicorn

Bunicorn is an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.

Within Bunicorn Ecosystem
— The Bunicorn RPG game is designed as a “Play to earn” model, while teleporting users to a magical “Bunicorn” world with exquisite NFT collectibles.
— Bunicorn exchange is a high-performance AMM DEX that offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity mining, with unique time-locked rewards wrapped into tradable NFTs.

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