Bunicorn Game v2 Change Logs

After two weeks since its launch, the Bunicorn Game is stealing the spotlight as it marches into the top 3 of Binance’s BUIDL leaderboard, and the game’s treasury has gained ~8.5M BUNI. However, the supply of BUR is increasing again since the players hesitate to use the enhance/fusion feature. The reason behind such a behavior is that the act would not make much of a difference in terms of reward payout. Thus, we are determined to make this major update to Bunicorn Game to improve the economy and re-balance the BUR supply in the long term.


— Increase the value of trainer fusion by boosting the power dramatically after each fusion checkpoint 11, 21, 31, etc.

— Make the enhanced Bunicorn more valuable by changing the Bunicorn’s bonus power to bonus attribute. It means the enhanced power will contribute more to the total power of player as they level up their trainers. For example, A level 11 trainer with the enhanced Bunicorn will bring more advantages than a level 10 trainer with that same Bunicorn.

— Simplify the formula to calculate the enemy’s power. We will not use the unaligned power and aligned power terms anymore.

— Give out more rewards for high-star Bunicorn if they are fighting enemies with the same power.


— Players can recruit unlimited trainers. This change will provide additional slots for fusion.

— To limit the number of fight per day, we introduced global stamina in addition to trainer and Bunicorn’s stamina as follows:

  • Maximum global stamina: 800
  • 1 global stamina will be regenerated each 75 seconds
  • When players choose to fight, both global stamina and trainer stamina will be reduced with the same amount.

— Power per level:

  • We will re-scale the power per level based on this spreadsheet .
  • Each fusion checkpoint will be the main power boost milestone. And players also get a better reward payout after completing the fusion checkpoint.


— Replace the terms LB, 4B, 5B with burnt stars.

  • When you perform the enhancement, the number of the burnt Bunicorn’s stars will be added to the total burnt stars of the enhanced one.
  • Each Bunicorn has 100 burnt-star slots. That means players can enhance the maximum number of:
  • 100 1-star Bunicorns.

  • 50 2-star Bunicorns.

  • 20 5-star Bunicorns.

  • Or any mix of the burnt Bunicorns that make it 100 slots in total.

  • If you burn an enhanced Bunicorn, half of the burnt stars will be moved over to the new one. If the number of burnt stars is an odd number, the burnt half that is moved to the new one will be rounded down. For example, if your enhanced Bunicorn has 7 burnt stars, 3 burnt stars will be transferred to the new one.

— Replace bonus power with bonus attribute

  • Bonus attribute will be used the same way as the NEUTRAL attribute.
  • Unlike other attributes that are fixed upon minting, the bonus attribute is increased whenever a Bunicorn is enhanced. The table below shows the number of burnt stars and the corresponding bonus attribute you get when burning each Bunicorn.

  • The maximum bonus attribute will be 4800 if you enhance by using 20 5-star Bunicorns.
  • The primary purpose of this change is to clear the lines between trainer power vs. Bunicorn power. From now on, a Bunicorn only has attributes that will be used to calculate the power_multiplier in the following section.

— Introduce a new term: power multiplier

  • Power multiplier = 1 + SUM(attribute * factor) / attribute_baseline
  • Where attribute_baseline = 500. This is the average attribute value of a Bunicorn.
  • Factor can be calculated as follows:
  • If the attribute has the same element with Bunicorn, factor = 1.1

  • If the attribute is NEUTRAL, factor = 1.05

  • Bonus attribute has factor = 1.05

  • For the rest, factor = 1

Player Power

  • The term unaligned power and aligned power will be removed
  • The base power of a player is calculated by:

Player_base_power = trainer_power * bunicorn_power_multiplier

Enemy power & battle

— There are still 4 random enemies with the power = ±10% compared to the player base power.

— When you perform the fight:

  • If the trainer has the same element with the Bunicorn, player power will increase 6.5%
  • If you have an elemental advantage against your enemy, your power will increase by 6.5%
  • If the enemy has an elemental advantage against you, your power will decrease by 6.5%.
  • Then the system will do a roll of ±10% based on enemy power and your power to determine the winner.


reward = reward_gas_offset + reward_baseline * reward_multiplier

  • reward_gas_offset is mainly to cover the blockchain gas fee, now is set = $0.5
  • reward_baseline is a constant which is $0.4
  • reward_multiplier = sqrt(enemy_power/1000 * bunicorn_star)

Compared to the previous reward payout, if you are fighting against the same enemy, a high-star Bunicorn will earn better rewards.


— We will turn on the maintenance mode for roughly 6 hours, starting at 6 PM Sep 14, 2021 (UTC).

— We will deploy a new set of smart contracts for both NFT and the game itself and migrate all the data to these new contracts.

— The NFT contract addresses of Trainer and Bunicorn will be changed, but ID will stay the same after the migration.

— After the migration is done, we will open back the game as usual.


Our ultimate goal for Bunicorn Game is to make it profitable and sustainable for the long run. That is why we are listening to the feedback and ideas from the community and constantly update the game with regards to our own data analysis. After this major update, we will gradually add more utilities for the BUR token and make the game more “playable” and “enjoyable” rather than just profitable such as having the raid boss battle and mobile support. On top of that, we have started a work-stream to re-make this game using Unity to add animations and effects, and new kinds of battles for gamers.

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