Bunicorn Game Updates on 30 Oct & PvP Arena Glimpse

Dear BUNIans family,

First off, we would like to express our gratitude to thank you for backing us throughout the two-month journey of Bunicorn Game. There have been many challenging obstacles and challenges that we have encountered. Yet, we also feel humble about those many achievements and milestones gained along the way with your unwavering support, such as top 15 of the MVBIII Monthly Stars List in September 2021, top 10 NFT games with the highest DAU on BSC according to DappRadar, and so on.

We always stand firm with our belief to grow and complete Bunicorn Game sustainably in the long-term, as well as bring joy and fulfillment to our BUNIan community. On the other hand, we also recognize that there have been unwanted drastic changes that have caused the community inconvenience recently. Therefore, our team will put even more effort and beyond to connect the dots and dedicate a refreshing and upgraded version of the Bunicorn Game to the community.

In this article, we would like to announce some updates regarding the recruitment/hunt features, enhancement fees, withdrawal tax, marketplace, and a quick Bunicorn PvP introduction. After this update, our next focus is building a Bunicorn PvP Arena that will be introduced by early December 2021, therefore, there will probably be no big update in November.

Details about these changes are specified as follows.


We decided to remove the Recruit, and Hunt features so the Bunicorn Game NFT’s market can regulate itself until further notice. Users can now purchase their Bunicorns and Trainers at the market or mint new Bunicorns through shard gacha.


The tax for off-chain BUR will be reset to 15% with 1% off per day. It will be counted from Oct 15, 2021. This means your tax of the date Oct 15, 2021 would be 15%. And if you have not claimed the off-chain BUR anytime, your tax would be 0% on Oct 30, 2021.

The new tax mechanism will be applied at 1PM Oct 30, 2021 UTC.


With the aim to make Bunicorn Game more enjoyable in the up-coming PvP battle, we will reduce the fee to enhance/lucky enhance Bunicorns for players to prepare their army better for the great war. This change will go into effect at 1PM Oct 30, 2021 UTC. This fee structure is subjected to change after the PvP battle to make the game more balanced.

Details regarding the new fee structure will be demonstrated in the following tables.


As announced previously, there will be a failure probability corresponding to each level for Trainer fusion. We expect Trainer’s value to increase, especially for fused Trainers, which shall benefit players and the economy as a whole.

The probability of fusion failure will come into use at 1PM Nov 1, 2021 UTC.


Players can list their earned shards, scrolls, and elixirs on the Bunicorn marketplace at 1PM Oct 30, 2021 UTC.

:pushpin:NOTE: The price you input upon listing is the amount of BUNI you receive. The actual listed price on the marketplace will have a 10% tax added on top of it.


One significant element that Bunicorn Game (and most of the current P2E games) is trying to achieve is the competitive element between players. The in-game experience is more likely to be diverse and rich based on the emotions that the game itself brings to users via exciting and challenging missions. The main revenue stream of traditional games comes from players’ preference and support, both love and financially. Meanwhile, the current P2E games are mainly focused on the earning part but missing a solid revenue model and a true player’s desire — Be a better in-game version of oneself. And Bunicorn’s PvP Arena will be our next attempt to fill in this missing piece.

Moreover, we would like to share how we are going to shape the future of the Bunicorn Metaverse with the creation of Buniland NFTs and change the way players and the platform owner earns revenue.

As the first step towards building the Buniland metaverse, we will start building some places in the Buniland that correspond to different features of the game. The PvP Arena consists of buildings in Buniland to host the fights between players and will be able to generate revenue from the fights. The first PvP mode is Daily PvP. At the later phase, we will introduce the PvP battle as a team/guild or directly challenge someone and bet for the result.


  • PvP creates a new playing mode that focuses more on the gaming experience with complex strategies in addition to the normal PvE/Dungeon battles.
  • PvP will be divided by tiers so that even low-level trainers and Bunicorns can have their own ranking leaderboard. Create a top-ranking leaderboard to encourage the competitiveness between player-vs-player.
  • Players can upgrade their team not only by enhancement or fusion function but also use various types of items and equipment.
  • The PvP Arena is the first place that one player can possess and earn revenue from. We will gradually make other places in Buniland that can generate more revenue for players, such as the marketplace, item auction, Blacksmith for forging equipment, etc.

With this model, we want to build a sharing metaverse that promotes the ownership of the players. This will include not just the characters but also the ownership of the game itself, including the revenue. This mechanism will not set a fixed reward amount for any activities but create a self-motivating force that drives the whole economy forward by upgrading, fighting, challenging, and earning together.

The in-game economy will decide how much each player will earn by creating competitive gameplay with a limited supply of NFTs. The platform owner is now a host for the metaverse as it also makes revenue together with the NFT owner through commissions from in-game actions.

We have submitted a PvP suggestion draft on Github. Kindly check it out HERE and comment to let us know what you think.

Starting from the Bunicorn PvP release, for every new major feature, we will submit a Bunicorn Improvement Proposal in github and welcome all feedback & ideas from the community before implementing it. Here is the first one: BIP-1: Daily PVP · Issue #1 · bunicorndefi/BIPs · GitHub

Besides, we will implement a community voting where BUNIans and the Bunicorn team can propose ideas and get voted by the community for actual deployment by the Bunicorn team. The voting mechanism creates a space for constructive feedback and conversation, betters communication, and bridges the gap between the team and community. The ultimate way to go far is to go together, where decisions within the Bunicorn ecosystem are made from the bottom-up, by the community, for the community.

Thank you for your patience and support!

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