Bunicorn Game Update: Dungeon Mission

Booyah BUNIans,
We are bringing Halloween early to you with a brand new update of the DUNGEON MISSION! They ain’t skeletons, ghosts, or Draculas, but rather those Great Bosses that will be coming to stir up the nights. Stories tell that there are treasures hidden across mysterious places in Buniland, which are guarded by powerful Bunicorns. Only those who are brave and strong enough to defeat these enemies will be awarded with great treasures.

Rewards will be worthy for truly mighty squads that have the chance to encounter and successfully defeat those Bosses. Make sure your team is fully equipped and ready for the wars :wink:

Before digging deeper into the dark dungeons, we want to clarify that the Dungeon Mission will remain as one of the main Bunicorn Game activities. Besides releasing the Dungeon Mission, we will carry out updates on the Buicorn & Trainer’s stamina and Normal Battle’s baseline.

Now, hold tight; the journey of discovering the Bunicorn Dungeon shall begin!

TIME OF DEPLOYMENT: From 11 AM to 1 PM of Oct 25, 2021. This change is big, so we will conduct a maintenance window within these 2 hours as a part of the deployment time to ensure a graceful deployment.


:small_orange_diamond: Ticket Price: 1 ticket = $1 paid in BUR

:small_orange_diamond: Stamina: No stamina will be deducted from Bunicorns, Trainers, or Global Stamina in the Dungeon Mission.

:small_orange_diamond: Team formation: 1 trainer and 1 bunicorn

:small_orange_diamond: Dungeons duration: 1 week. Future dungeons may have a more complex formula with skills/equipment for trainers/bunicorns.

:small_orange_diamond: Types of Dungeon

There will be three Dungeons for your powerful squad of Trainers and Bunicorns to conquer. The difficulty of each dungeon will also increase gradually in the following order: The Abandoned Lair, The Hidden Labyrinth, and The Internal Chamber.

Each Dungeon will require a different number of tickets for players to join, and there is a limitation of adventure that one player can go per day for each dungeon.

:small_orange_diamond: Stages inside the Dungeon: Within each Dungeon, there will be 3 stages for each player to pass. Each stage will have a maximum of one enemy, which is determined as follows.

:small_orange_diamond: Reward
If the player successfully defeats the enemy of a stage, it means he has secured the reward of that enemy. The rewards corresponding to those enemies are determined as follows.


  • Scroll is a book of magical spells that help guarantee a 100% success rate of the Trainer fusion. This is one of the most valuable items in the Bunicorn universe. There are only 2 ways to get these scrolls: defeating the bosses or buying them from someone else in the market.
  • Collect 5 shards = 1 free shard gacha
  • Gacha Shard, and Scroll can be sold on the market.

On top of that, the reward value will also differ depending on the difficulty of each Dungeon. The harder the Dungeon, the higher amounts of rewards it offers.

Other updates


The failed trainer fusion will be deployed 7 days after Oct 25th, 2021, when users have acquired some scrolls through dungeons and they’re available on the market, so players will have an alternative way to avoid it.


Bunicorns and Trainers’ stamina will stop regenerating when listed on the market. Once Bunicorns and Trainers are purchased by the other player or delisted by the owner, their stamina will start regenerating again.

It means that the buyer is more likely to buy the ones with full stamina, and the seller needs to consider when to sell their assets.


Similar to the trainer, we will also apply a 24h transfer lock for Bunicorn (purchase/delist from market, receive from another address) to avoid passing it around for the dungeon. In future updates, we will limit the maximum number of adventures per day by Trainer/Bunicorn instead of the user.


Bunicorn Game’s sources of fun are no longer limited within the normal battle as the Dungeon Mission is to be released on Oct 25, 2021, and even more features will be integrated in the upcoming time. Therefore, we are making changes to the normal battle’s baseline to balance the in-game economy. And most importantly, the move shall offer more opportunities for almighty Trainers to showdown their power, and create a clear and fair hierarchy of rewards for each level of Trainer.

This foundational change will redefine the Bunicorn economic from now on. There are 2 type of users:

  • Farmers: the ones who seek a simple game play and just a little bit of their time every day through normal PvE battles to earn basic income.
  • Conquerors: the ones who want to earn great rewards by upgrading their trainers, having the high stats Bunicorns to combat in Dungeon, PvP and much more.

After the change, normal PvE can be considered as a form of NFT farming and is the main production source of BUR in the game. The other gaming contents like dungeons, PvP and others will be the motivation for the conquerors to burn the BUR by upgrading their squad and earn more. This infinite loop between the 2 will drive the economy forward because it creates both supply and demand for BUR.

Details are specified in the following table.

This update helps differentiate the earnings significantly between high-level and low-level squads. It will also result in less BUR being minted and the ROI of PvE will gradually increase as a consequence.

The previous tokenomic update helps automatically adjust the amount of BUR being produced based on the market conditions. This one helps define a clear line between different types of users and content, and pushes constant forces for users to keep upgrading and burning more. The 2 updates together are 2 stepping stones to shape Bunicorn Game’s future roadmap, and make sure we will surge again regardless of the market up and down.

The dungeon entry ticket is BUR while its rewards are BUNI, BUR and items, it means that we are pushing more money back into the game in the form of BUNI and other utilities in return for the burning of BUR. And also the dungeon has occasional luck, so not everyone wins, meaning a certain amount of BUR will be burnt from bad-luck or low-level teams. After the BUR price goes up again, we’ll see a new in-flow of users, especially the ones who can enter the game with lower entry price by buying cheaper assets from the ones who left. Thus, eventually the market prices will become stable as well and under-valued assets will be removed.

This latest update serves the best benefits of all stakeholders and the project as a whole. And the details are subjected to change based on community feedback and in-game activities monitoring. Make sure you check out our CEO’s sharing on Bunicorn’s future plan .

If you have any questions regarding the Bunicorn Game Update, kindly contact our admins on the Bunicorn Official Discord.

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