Bunicorn Game’s PvP Challenge Opening Announcement

Dear BUNIans,

As previously mentioned in our latest proposal, we will open PvP Challenge mode on Dec 10, 2021, as one of the main activities in the Bunicorn Game.

The PvP mode uses a more complicated method compared to the PVE and takes into account Bunicorn attributes, items, etc. Details about the PvP Challenge are specified as follows.


This update is our first attempt to make ways for the daily PvP Arena on Dec 24 and let users get familiar with how PvP mode works until it is fully released. The PvP Challenge will be updated in two phases in alignment with the release of certain features.

— Opening Time (UTC) :

  • Phase 1: 1PM — 2PM Dec 10, 2021 — to get familiar with PvP fight without items
  • Phase 2: 1PM — 2PM Dec 17, 2021 — to get familiar with PvP fights with items (aura, spell)

— Team : The PvP Challenge is all about Bunicorns of the same star challenging each other. Therefore, users only need to assemble their Bunicorns to join the PvP challenge. Trainers will be used to specify tiers in PvP Arena, which will be released on Dec 24, 2021.

— Stamina : There will be no stamina. Players can play as long as there are users who are willing to put up the challenges.

— Reward : The challenger will put on the table an amount of reward bet in BUR. After the conqueror accepts the bet and joins the fight, the winner will take the bets as a reward.

— Tax : The game publisher will charge a 10% fee on the bet on each side. This means the actual reward the winner gets will be 90% of the bet value. All of these tax fees will be burnt.


PvP challenge goes live.


— Each Bunicorn will have 4 different attributes:

  • Attack (Damage) = Fire
  • Vitality (HP) = Earth
  • Agility (Speed) = Air
  • Regeneration = Water
  • The attribute that has the same element as Bunicorn’s element will be boosted by 20% (to be adjusted)

— Apart from the elemental attributes of the Bunicorn, it also has neutral & bonus attributes that they gained through enhancing. Besides, each Bunicorn will be given an additional base attribute depending on its star:

  • 1-star: 153
  • 2-star: 360
  • 3-star: 510
  • 4-star: 900
  • 5-star: 1500

— There may be some fixed base elemental attributes, this is also under calculation and will be revealed soon.

— Players can distribute these neutral, bonus, and base attributes to one of the 4 Attack, Vitality, Agility, or Regeneration based on their own strategies. For example:

  • User has a 4-star Bunicorn with +300 Fire, +290 Neutral, +200 Bonus Attribute. By default, he has +300 attack & 600+200+290=1090 neutral points.
  • He can decide to distribute these 1090 neutral points to:
  • 500 vitality + 500 agility + 90 regeneration + 300 attack
  • 300 vitality + 600 agility + 10 regeneration + 480 attack
  • or any other distribution based on his strategy.

— All players can adjust to the settings to distribute their neutral points in advance or the system will distribute randomly to create different strategies from time to time and avoid being exploited from repetitive fights.


— The first version of the battle will include 3 main phases:

  • Preparation phase: Choose Bunicorns and distribute the non-elemental attributes
  • Action phase: Bunicorns will attack each other, which will be described in more detail below
  • End phase: the battle will be concluded if one of Bunicorn’s HP is 0 or below. If the battle is timed out but both Bunicorns are still alive, the one with more HP will win the fight. If both Bunicorns have the same HP, the challenger will win the battle.
  • Element advantage is still effective in PVP battle (5.3%)

Battle action phase

  • The action phase is designed as an active time battle and runs fully autonomously.
  • The unit of time in battle is called tick. When the action phase is started, a timer will be triggered as well.
  • Both Bunicorn will make their move during the action phase until one is down or a certain unit of time is passed.

Bunicorn’s move

— Bunicorn can take a move every time a certain number of ticks is passed, which is equal to 20,000 / {agility}

For example, agility = 200 → Bunicorn will perform its move every 100 ticks.

— The Bunicorn with great agility may take multiple moves before the opponent can. For example:

  • Bunicorn A has agility = 200 → can perform move every 100 ticks
  • Bunicorn B has agility = 50 → can perform move every 400 ticks
  • So in the battle, Bunicorn A will take 4 moves first (at 100, 300, 500 ticks), then Bunicorn B can perform its move (at 400 ticks).

— If 2 Bunicorns have the same agility, the order of move will be selected randomly.

— When a Bunicorn is performing its move, there’re several states come in sequence:

  • First is the regenerating state: increase Bunicorn’s current HP to a value equal to the regeneration / 2(water) attribute. The HP of Bunicorn cannot exceed the max HP (earth) attribute.
  • Second is the attack spell activation state: the attack spell of this Bunicorn (Phase 2) can be activated.
  • The third is the defense state of the opponent: the defense spell of the opponent (if any) can be activated.
  • At the same time as the defense state, the attack state: Bunicorn performs the attack on the opponent. If the attack is successful, the opponent’s HP will be decreased and the amount equal to the Bunicorn’s damage. The advantage of the element is still effective in the PVP battle.
  • The moves will happen continuously until a Bunicorn’s HP is reduced to 0 or battle is timed out. Tentatively the duration is 20,000 ticks (can be adjusted later).


Auras, Spells can be collected through another in-game feature (TBD) from Dec 17, 2021. And they can be used at the Preparation phase of the Battle to gain more advantages for the Bunicorns.


— Aura is an item to support Bunicorns in battle. It will be activated in the Preparation Phase (which will be described below). Each player will have 4 default auras (also subject to be adjusted after calculation):

  • Increase all attributes of his Bunicorn by 5%
  • Increase the HP of his Bunicorn by 12%
  • Increase the ATK attribute of his Bunicorn by 12%

— The player can choose a maximum of 1 (can be adjusted too) auras to be used for his battle.

— The default aura will be permanent, but there will be other auras that are consumable (you can use only once).

— There will also be more auras with more different effects, can be collected from another in-game feature (TBD). The player can trade the auras as other items on the market.


— Spell is another item to support Bunicorn in battle. It will be activated during Action Phase (described above)

— The spell is consumable and can be collected via another in-game feature (TBD), and of course tradable as any other items.

— Some example effects of spell:

  • Shield: block one opponent’s attack
  • Pierce: attack through opponent’s shield
  • Dodge: Reduce taken damage from the enemy by 90%
  • Berserk: increase the damage of Bunicorn by 25%
  • Poison: deal 100 damage to the opponent after every 200-time units
  • etc.

Spell setup

— As described in Bunicorn’s move section, there’re 2 main types of spells: attack spell & defense spell, which can be activated in the corresponding state of Bunicorn.

— The player can set up the trigger condition of spells to achieve the strategy, for example:

  • Attack: activate pierce if my damage is greater than the opponent’s current HP
  • Defense: activate shield if my HP is less than opponent’s damage
  • Etc.


1. For Challengers

Challenger will need to create a new challenge with worthy reward bets on the table, and wait for the opponents to accept the challenges and fight against your mighty Bunicorn.

Step 1 : Choose to create a new challenge

Step 2: Choose your Bunicorn to join the challenge

Step 3: Strategically distribute your non-elemental attributes (if any) to your preference

Step 4 : Enter your bets and create the challenge

You can find your challenge by clicking on the My Challenge button

2. For Conquerors

Conquerer should be the one who looks for challenges and conquer them. They will confidently choose a worthy challenge to their powerful Bunicorn and take home the reward if won.

Step 1 : Choose a challenge to fight

Step 2 : Choose your Bunicorn

Step 3 : Strategically distribute your non-elemental attributes (if any) to your preference

Step 4 : Fight

If you have any questions regarding the PvP Challenge, kindly contact our admins on the Bunicorn Official Discord.

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