Bunicorn Daily Raid Boss

Dear BUNIans,

Following the success of the second Raidboss event, we would like to add more fun into the Bunicorn game by giving Bunians a new challenge: fight evil bosses everyday to protect the naivete residents living in Buniland. And more importantly, this festivity comes with different tiers so all players of all ranks can compete with each other and have more fun with Bunicorn Game.

Details about the Daily Raid Boss are specified as follows.


:small_orange_diamond: Daily Raid Boss Opening: 11AM - 1PM UTC, Nov 27, 2021 - TBD

:small_orange_diamond: Ticket

  • Price

  • Players need to purchase a ticket daily to join Raid Boss.
  • 70% of the amount of BUR they spent on the ticket will be added to the prize pool, while 30% will be burnt.
  • The ticket can only be purchased using offchain BUR, if you don’t have enough off-chain bur balance, you can deposit BUR from your wallet to your in-game off-chain balance as well.

:small_orange_diamond: Reward Pool

  • BUNI: 30,400 BUNI to be added per day
  • BUR: 70% of BUR spent on the tickets

:small_orange_diamond: Stamina Pool: Daily Raidboss will use Event Stamina instead of Global Stamina


Players will be divided into 5 tiers based on the raw power of Bunicorn and trainer team. The raw power is calculated as follow:

team_raw_power = trainer_base_power * SUM(bunicorn_average_raw_multipler)

Where bunicorn_average_raw_multipler = 1 + average_attribute/500 as shown in the table below

It means to rank the tiers, we count the average attributes of a Bunicorn based on its star only, not counting any differences in the actual attributes, bonus attributes, or boost multiplier. Thus, users should choose a Bunicorn with good attributes, enhanced, boosted multipliers to compete with each other.

The Raid Boss

For each tier, there will be 1 Raid Boss spawn daily. The element of raid boss is randomized every day. The HP of each raid boss will be different based on the previous raid boss in the same tier to make it competitive between players.

Championship Break

We are making Daily Raid Boss extra fun with Championship Break. Within this update, Bunicorns & Trainers whose power is counted in top ranks will not be able to fight the Raid Bosses in the next few days.

This feature provides opportunity for more players to compete in top ranks & create healthy competitiveness within the game. Details regarding the new update are specified below.

:white_check_mark: Feature Activation Date: 11:30 AM Dec 2, 2021 (UTC)

:white_check_mark: Ranks under Influence: From Top 1 to Top 10 of each tier

:white_check_mark: Break Period:

  • Top 1: 4 days
  • Top 2: 3 days
  • Top 3: 2 days
  • Top 4 - 10: 1 day
    For example, if Bunicorns and Trainers gets Top 1 on Dec 2, the break period will last from Dec 3 to Dec 6, and they will be able to fight bosses again in Dec 7.

:pushpin: Note: It does not matter whether those Bunicorns and Trainer defeat the Raid Boss or not. All Bunicorns and Trainers whose power is counted in Top 1 - Top 10 are affected by this Championship Break update.

Power Multiplier

Similar to the Raid Boss Event #2, the power multiplier is calculated as follows:

power_multiplier = boost_multiplier * SUM(attribute * factor) / attribute_baseline


  • If the attribute has the same element with Bunicorn, factor = 1.15
  • If the attribute is NEUTRAL, factor = 1.07
  • Bonus attribute has factor = 2.2. It means that an enhanced Bunicorn will fight much better than a normal one.
  • For the rest, factor = 1

The event boost multiplier formula is the same as the Raid Boss Event #2.

:small_orange_diamond: Normal Bunicorn

  • Players can choose to equip their normal Bunicorn with boost_multiplier to have more advantages in the Raid Boss battle. The boost multiplier will be randomized in the range from 1.2 to 1.5
  • The fee to boost Bunicorn will be paid in off-chain BUR only and vary in accordance with the number of Bunicorn’s stars as follows.

  • If not satisfied with the randomized boost multiplier obtained, players can retry boosting their Bunicorn as many times as they want.
  • After a boss is defeated or escapes, this boost multiplier will be removed from normal Bunicorns.

:small_orange_diamond: Morphony Bunicorn

  • The Morphony Bunicorn boost multiplier is the same as Raid Boss Event #2. They can also try to obtain a new boost multiplier as a normal Bunicorn. This new multiplier will also be reset after a raid boss is defeated or escaped.

:small_orange_diamond: Elixir

  • One elixir will be used to fight a Combo 4 without losing any stamina in the Raid Boss event.

Raid boss battle calculation

A player still needs at least 1 trainer and 3 Bunicorns to join the raid boss battle. And the damage for each fight is calculated as follows:

FinalDamage = playerBasePower * elementalBonus ±10%


  • elementalbonus = bonusBunicorn1 + bonusBunicorn2 + bonusBunicorn3
  • playerBasePower=trainerPower∗multiplier
  • multiplier = multiplierBunicorn1 + multiplierBunicorn2 + multiplierBunicorn3
  • The elemental bonus was ~5.3% at the previous raidboss event now will be changed to 10%.


We’ve decided to cease the BUNI-BUSD farming pool and change the reward multiplier of BUNI-WBNB pool from 9 to 8 by the time the Raid boss event kicks off in order to use BUNI rewards from these 2 pools for this daily Raid boss event.

The reward will be distributed in accordance with the tiers as follows.

Whenever each boss escapes, half of the prize in both BUNI and BUR will be accumulated to the next Boss in that tier.

BUNI rewards will no longer be in the form of tokens. Once players withdraw BUNI rewards from offchain balance to the wallet, the withdrawn amount of BUNI tokens will be wrapped into Ancient BUNI NFTs as the picture below. So make sure you accumulate BUNI rewards enough to get at least an Aegirbuni NFT to be eligible for staking.

Then you can stake Ancient Buni NFT tokens as Aegirbuni, Rocbuni, Beezlebuni and Fornbuni to the Ancient Buni NFT Staking Pools to get a part of the game revenue as a reward after the vesting countdown goes to 0.

There will be a new NFT staking pool that is activated at 1PM on 1st December, 2021 at to replace the current one. In the new NFT staking pool, the higher level of Ancient BUNI NFT you get, the higher its hashrate is, the better reward you receive. More specifically,

The ancient BUNI NFT’s hash rate = the amount of wrapped BUNI * factor

For example, your Rocbuni NFT has 2K BUNI tokens, therefore, its hashrate = 2000 * 1.1 = 2200 BUNI. It means when you stake Rocbuni NFT into the pool, you actually stake 2200 BUNI and receive rewards based on 2200 BUNI, not 2000 BUNI.

If you have any questions regarding the Bunicorn Daily Raid Boss, kindly contact our admins on the Bunicorn Official Discord.

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