Buni Island Testnet Release Announcement

Dear BUNIans,

We are thrilled to announce that the Buni Island Testnet has finally been released on Feb 08, 2022 (UCT). As previously mentioned in our proposal, Buni Island is a simulation game that takes place in the Buniland where humans will occupy the planet, train the Bunicorns, farm crops, and fight to protect the land from opponents. It promises to bring a new breeze to help Bunicorn metaverse long-lasting and at the same time become a pioneer in changing the user’s perspective on NFT games.

— Opening Time (UTC): Feb 08, 2022.

The Buni Island Testnet will give users a chance to experience the product before the Buni Island is officially launched. Buni Island Testnet now is available on the Binance Smart Chain - Testnet network, you can see the product and look through the guideline by following the links below:

In Buni Island Testnet, there are six different floating islands, namely: Main Island, Bane Island, Lala Island, Kaka Island, Keone Island, and Moana Island. Each island is different in terms of area, the price for unlocking, and expanding space.

Each island has its own shape and size, players will build their army by placing certain kinds of constructions on it. Therefore, BUNIans will be able to join the battle and gain more profits.


Step 1: Get Testnet BNB

  • Connect your wallet and change the network to Binance Smart Chain - Testnet as follows:

  • On top of the App or Extension, click the network button

  • In the dropdown, choose Add Network

Fill in Binance Smart Chain - Testnet Network details as follows, then click Save

  • Then go to: Binance Smart Chain: Faucet
  • Input your wallet address then click “Give me BNB" token. In the dropdown, choose “1 BNB".

  • A pop-up window would appear to confirm the gas prices to be paid for the transaction. Click “Confirm" and you will receive BNB for free. Limited times to receive: 01 time per day.

Step 2: Mint your assets in Buni Island Testnet

  • Then choose Metamask or any other wallet to your preference


  • A Metamask pop-up will appear. Enter your Metamask password then click Unlock to login. Network: BSC testnet
  • Another pop-up will appear as follows. Click “OK" button.

  • Once this button turns green as follows, you are now able to mint your NFT.

  • At “mintBunicorn” section, input the number of Bunicorn players want to mint. Then click “Write". Use the similar action to mint other NFTs except BUNI and BUR.
    • In “mintBuni" and “mintBur" section, players need to enter the amount of BUR/BUNI they want to mint in the following format:

Number_input = Bur_amount_to_mint * 10ˆ18

  • A pop-up window would appear to confirm the gas prices to be paid for the transaction. Click “Confirm"

  • We also have a “faucetAll” section to mint all player assets with the maximum amount of assets owned by the player
  • There is a certain limit to the amount of assets that players can mint.
    • Maximum number of minted Bunicorns: 10
    • Maximum number of minted Trainers: 10
    • Maximum number of minted Gacha Shard: 100
    • Maximum amount of minted BUNI: 10000
    • Maximum amount of minted BUR: 10000

Step 3: Deposit BUR

After minting your BUR on Faucet, players have to deposit their BUR into Offchain Balance to use in the Testnet version.

  • Go to: https://dev.bunicorn.game/ and connect your wallet. Remember to switch the network to BSC Testnet network.

  • Then click “Play game", you will see the screen displaying as follows. Click BUR button.

  • In the dropdown, click “Deposit” button and a pop-up will appear. Input the amount of BUR you want to deposit then click “Confirm".

  • A Metamask pop-up window would appear to confirm the gas prices to be paid for the transaction. Click “Confirm" and your BUR has been deposited into Offchain Balance.

Step 4: Go to https://dev-island.bunicorn.game/ and connect your wallet. Remember to switch network to BSC Testnet network.

Step 5: Explore Buni Island and read more tutorials here: http://docs.island.bunicorn.game/

:pushpin: NOTE:

  • Each user when starting to join the Buni Island will receive an initial 10000 gold.
  • Check your minted NFT inside Buni Island

Buni Island Testnet is our first effort to transform the gameplay into a different one that is more attractive and long-lasting. We believe this new model will open a golden era for the Bunicorn Game and metaverse as a whole with the goals to be achieved below:

  • Let players take full ownership of the game, from generating the NFT to sharing the revenue. The platform owner only takes the commissions from in-game trades.
  • Gradually reduce the supply of the reward token instead of infinite minting.
  • Attempt to change the player’s mindset when playing a P2E game.
  • Build up the groundwork for our upcoming metaverse.

The testnet is open to receive bug reports and feedback from the community to improve the Buni Island mainnet version. Therefore, Buni Team always welcomes any comment regarding the gameplay and tokenomic improvement from players to be able to build a stronger and durable Bunicorn community.

Join our Buni Island Testnet Bounty to contribute your feedback and get reward by completing the form’s requirements at https://forms.gle/UKgddZSBqKVA4TfWA

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Bunicorn is an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.

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— The Buni Island game reimagines the “Play to earn” model with a fresh tokenomic approach while teleporting users to a magical Buni Island with exquisite NFT collectibles.

— Bunicorn exchange is a high-performance AMM DEX that offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity mining, with unique time-locked rewards wrapped into tradable NFTs.

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