Buni Island Mainnet Release Announcement

Dear BUNIans,

It has been almost one month since the testnet version of the Buni Island was released at https://dev-island.bunicorn.game/. And we are happy to receive various contributive feedback from the community to build a better version for the mainnet for Buni Island.

Adopting both internal research and community ideas, we have decided to permanently close Raidboss mode in the Bunicorn Game, and transfer its BUNI reward to the Buni Island’s new BUNI Reward pool. This change is an important step to prepare for the complete transformation from Bunicorn Game to Buni Island.

And to make the onboarding experience seamless across the two games, we will push the Buni Island mainnet (web-based version)’s launching date 5 days later than planned in the proposal. This also means that users will have 5 more final days to play Raidboss in Bunicorn Game.

Buni Island mainnet (web-based version)’s launching date & Raidboss close date: Around 11AM — 1PM (UTC) Mar 4, 2022.

On top of that, the Buni Island Mainnet will be released with various new feature specified as follows.


1. Deposit/Withdraw NFT

As we are gradually moving from the previous Bunicorn Game (running both on-chain & off-chain) to the current Buni Island (running solely off-chain), users will need to deposit/ withdraw their Bunicorn & Trainer NFTs from on-chain to off-chain or vice versa to be able to fully enjoy the Buni Island.


  • Why? The Bunicorn & Trainer from Bunicorn Game (on-chain) need to be deposited to off-chain to be available in Buni Island (off-chain)
  • What happens after the deposit? The deposited Bunicorn & Trainer will be available in the Inventory on Buni Island. Users can now play Buni Island with them.

NOTE: Only deposited Bunicorn & Trainer can be added to the Buni House.


  • Why? Before being able to be listed on the marketplace (on-chain), the deposited Bunicorn & Trainer needs to be withdrawn from off-chain to on-chain.
  • What happens after the withdrawal? The withdrawn Bunicorn & Trainer will be back in your personal wallet and can be viewed in the Bunicorn Game, or in the My collections/assets on the Bunicorn Marketplace.

2. Deposit/Withdraw BUR/BUNI

This feature was introduced on Bunicorn Game, now it is available on Buni Island as Buni Island mainnet is off-chain.

Deposit: Users need to deposit their on-chain tokens to off-chain balance to be able to play Buni Island.

Withdraw :

  • BUR: BUR withdrawal incurs no tax fee. After the withdrawal, your BUR will be available in your wallet balance.
  • BUNI: When withdrawn, BUNI will be wrapped into an Ancient BUNI NFT. Details on how & when to withdraw BUNI out of the Ancient BUNI NFT can be found HERE.

3. BUNI Reward Pool

Besides the BUR Reward Pools, we will open a BUNI Reward Pool for all users of Buni Island. At the same time, Raidboss mode in Bunicorn Game will be closed and its BUNI reward pool will be moved to Buni Island’s BUNI Reward Pool.

Available Period : 90 days from Mar 4, 2022 to June 2, 2022

Daily BUNI Reward Pool (The number of BUNI added to the Reward Pool on a daily basis):

  • The first 30 days: 100K BUNI daily
  • The next 30 days: 50K BUNI daily
  • The last 30 days: 25K BUNI daily

How to Calculate Your Daily Share

buniEarned = A% x buniPoolReward


  • A% = The number of gold you create in a day / The total number of gold all user creates in a day
  • buniPoolReward: is the Daily BUNI Reward Pool


1. Training Center

Training Center is a building on the island that will be unlocked once you reach a certain level. You pay Gold to buy the Training Center. You can use the Training Center to teach the Bunicorn stronger or learn new combat skills. The higher-level trainers will train a Bunicorn faster. A Bunicorn can only be trained after it reaches a certain level.

2. Sell Bunicorn/Trainer to Marketplace

This update will have a sell feature for Bunicorn and Trainer, where you can instantly list them on the Metaverse Starter Marketplace.

3. Sell Items

Users can instantly sell in-game items like Buni House, and farm to Buni Team at a fixed price, in exchange for gold. Details on how much you can sell each type of item are specified in the tables below.

Buni House


4. Remove Trainer/Bunicorn

We will add a Remove feature, where users can remove Bunicorn and Trainers out of the Buni House. After the removal, the halving countdown will stop. When the Bunicorn/Trainer is added into the Buni House again, the halving countdown will resume from the moment the halving countdown stops when the Bunicorn/Trainer is removed.


The Puzzle Game Mobile was introduced as a separate game besides the Buni Island when we first started the new proposal for Bunicorn Game. Now after throughout consideration of the game itself and the whole market outlook, we decide to move the Puzzle Game into the Buni Island Mobile App version as the Battle Mode to make the whole gaming experience concrete and synchronized across all platforms.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding this merge of the two games. Kindly look forward to the launch of the Buni Island Mobile App with the Puzzle Game as a part of it within Q2, 2022.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding Buni Island, kindly contact our administrators on Bunicorn Official Discord.

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