Ancient BUNI NFT Staking & Bounty NFT Opening Announcement

Dear BUNIans,

Other than the Bunicorn Game, we do have various investment options for you to diversify your portfolio. And by utilizing the use of the NFTs collected through farming and the fair launch, the team now brings you two more profit-yielding alternatives — Ancient BUNI NFT Staking & Bounty NFT pools.

How to get Ancient BUNI NFTs : Stake BUNI or LP tokens HERE to earn Ancient BUNI NFTs — More details

How to get Bounty NFTs : Bounty NFTs were sent to who joined the BUR ILO last month and be eligible for it — Check out a list of the airdrops [HERE]

(BUR ILO NFT Airdrop Result - Google Sheets). Find the Bounty NFTs HERE.

After running the Bunicorn Game for almost a month, we have collected ~12,000,000 $BUNI to our game treasury. Each month, a portion of this game treasury will be distributed back to the community via different events to help the growing Bunicorn ecosystem.

From 1 PM Sep 30 2021 UTC, you will be able to enjoy the two reward pools by staking your NFTs respectively as follows:

Note: (*) You can check your Vesting NFTs at Bunicorn Exchange

If you have any questions regarding these new events, kindly drop us a message at #Exchance_Discussion on Bunicorn Discord. Our admins are always available to give you a hand.

About Bunicorn

Bunicorn is an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.

Within Bunicorn Ecosystem
— The Bunicorn RPG game is designed as a “Play to earn” model, while teleporting users to a magical “Bunicorn” world with exquisite NFT collectibles.
— Bunicorn exchange is a high-performance AMM DEX that offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity mining, with unique time-locked rewards wrapped into tradable NFTs.

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